Popularity of E-Commerce Platforms Resulting in Demand for Solution Providers

Merchants used to be quite wary of setting up e-commerce websites, unsure of how effective they really were. Customers likewise traditionally preferred using cash to make their purchases. That scenario has drastically changed so that we now see every little trader and merchant setting up online portals to take advantage of a global clientele.  E-commerce solution providers have become necessary to make it possible for merchants to receive payments from online customers.  Online purchases have become the norm now with surveys confirming that more than 86% of customers use online payment methods such as credit and debit cards or even their smartphones to pay for their purchases.  Payment gateways help merchants to accept different types of electronic payments.  They do not have to take the trouble of setting up the hardware, the software, and the security processes needed for online payments.

How to Choose the Right E-commerce Solution Provider?

E-commerce solution providers are a boon for small merchants who may not have the wherewithal to provide electronic payment solutions to their customers.  Choosing the right one is of paramount importance for the success of your online website.  This is because customers are wary of sharing their confidential card information online and would back away from your site if they thought the payment process was not secure or quick enough.  The fraud detection capacity and security of virtual terminals is also an important factor.  Customers prefer to visit sites that comply with PCI-DSS standards.  The payment gateway should have scalability so that as your business grows it is able to handle the addition of multiple users, merchants, and currencies.


Offering Attractive Shopping Experiences to Customers

Big companies have made the shopping experience smooth and easy for their customers, thereby raising their expectations and making them anticipate similar services from all the other online websites.  Your online payment gateway provider therefore should ideally be able to customise the payment process to reflect your logo and brand name.  Most customers prefer not to register at online sites especially if they are just browsing and so they are liable to abandon their buying if compelled to do so.  A simple checkout process is likely to be more attractive to customers and prompt them to visit your site more frequently.  Checkout should be easy and simple irrespective of the device or network they are using.


Online Payment Gateway Ably Supporting Your Business

Online payment gateway providers should also be able to adapt their features according to their client’s requirements.  If your business is one that has a global market, your provider should make it possible for you to accept credit and debit cards as well as currencies from all over the world.  A good payment service provider also supports electronic invoicing, email, or text reminders for customers and all types of payments.  Customers should also be given the choice of payment method whether it is through their phone, cards, or any other means.  Mobile payments such as Google Pay and Alipay are increasingly being preferred by customers for online as well as point-of-sale payments.  Your payment service provider is therefore expected to provide good support for these modes of payment.