Southeast Asia Online Payment Solution

Digital Trends in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia (SEA) is experiencing a mega boom in e-commerce, making now the perfect time for businesses to expand and grow into this region. In 2025, SEA’s GDP is expected to reach 4.7 trillion dollars. By expanding to SEA, your business will reach new heights riding with the economic growth as well as digital transformation. 

Across Southeast Asia, digital transformation has reached unprecedented levels in recent years. This trend has been fueled by an influx of young, tech-loving consumers who have embraced e-business and social media as well as a strong start-up sector. There is no doubt Southeast Asia is being transformed by a digital wave, and will continue to grow in the next decade. 

Almost every aspect of business and social life is being transformed by this digital boom, from online retail to ride sharing services, and more and more. In addition to connecting small and medium-sized enterprises with global supply chains, it is opening up new industries for innovation, and promoting closer economic integration amongst the region’s diverse economies. Therefore, a trust-worthy Asia payment gateway is of paramount importance for doing every business in SEA. 

Grasp Infinite Opportunities with Southeast Asia Payment Gateway

Over 70% people in South East Asia populations are unbanked. So, there are huge opportunities for Southeast Asia payment gateways to provide their services.

In the past two decades, Payment Asia has witnessed the transformation of payment methods and adapted to the digital development of the payment industry. We are committed to reducing transaction costs and maximising profits for merchants. Therefore, merchants of different categories have chosen our Southeast Asia payment gateway to develop the SEA market. A secure and high quality Asia payment gateway can definitely enhance business footprint, and increase opportunities with trust-worthy solutions provided by Payment Asia. 

Southeast Asia Payment Solutions

Malaysia Solution

Advances in the information technology and telecommunications sectors in recent years have spurred a revolution in the Malaysian banking sector. Bank transfers are the most popular form of e-commerce payment in the country, which accounts for approximately 46% of total such payments. A safe and reliable Asia payment gateway is becoming more important as businesses are starting to embrace the norm of using cashless payments in the society.  

Payment Asia’s Southeast Asia payment gateway in Malaysia will pave the way for a seamless and secure online banking experience. We aim to contribute to the growing digital economy of Malaysia in the years to come, and to become the most secure and reliable solution for businesses.

Bank Transfer Solution

  • Simply log on to the mobile or online banking apps and process online bank transfers
  • Acceptance of local currencies
  • The “zero chargeback” assurance makes it the best Asia payment gateway for Malaysia, which makes everything smoother and easier.


FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution that allows real-time debiting of customer’s internet banking accounts of multiple banks. It also allows immediate and direct crediting into merchant’s accounts by banks.

Philippines Solution

With a 70% high adoption rate of mobile devices, it can be said that the majority of the 107 million population of the Philippines are accustomed to using mobile phones and devices. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to integrate a Southeast Asia payment gateway to capture every single opportunity from this huge digital wave. 

Other than just tech-savvy customers who have access to mobile and online banking services, the Asia payment gateway provided by Payment Asia also caters to the needs of those in the Philippines that do not have a bank account. Serving as a “middleman” between merchants and their customers, we are looking to connect them as the most convenient and popular Asia Payment gateway in the market.

Digital Payment Solution

  • Supports 14 major banks
  • Allows merchants to accept payments online with our digital payment platform
  • Supports over-the-counter deposits to retail partners through our alternative solution
  • Supports E-Wallet payment such as PayMaya & Gcash

Thailand Solution

Thailand has definitely proven to be one of the fastest and most exciting emerging markets in the SEA region. The application of mobile payment in Thailand such as QR code and online banking has risen in popularity over the past couple of years. Payments done via a mobile device, are now used in multiple verticals, and as such they have resulted in becoming a necessity in the Thailand market. That makes our Southeast Asia payment gateway essential to merchants who are vying for this market. 

Payment Asia recognises this demand and assures our clients that our solution in Thailand not only comes with excellent client service, it also covers all the banks in Thailand, and that our Asia payment gateway is safe and smooth for processing.  

QR Code Solution

  • Supports all local banks with associating mobile banking apps
  • Bank transfers can be completed with the simple scan of the code
  • Large ticket supported up to 2 million thb per transaction.

Vietnam Solution

The Vietnamese government has launched a financial scheme for the development of non-cash payments in recent years. The goal of it is to reduce the ratio of cash transactions to 10% and to* have at least 70% of its population with a bank account. As a result, an Asia payment gateway is one of the keys to success in doing business online in the country.

As a leading player in the market, Payment Asia offers different Southeast Asia payment gateways to merchants who are looking to capitalise on the growing demand of their customers.

Virtual Account Solution

  • Supports all Vietnamese banks
  • Receives payments within seconds
  • Supports large deposit up to 2 billion vnd per transaction
  • On an approval basis, supports OTC banking options

QR Code Solution

  • Supports digital payment using a scanned QR Code and can be scanned through all payment system services.
  • Can scan and pay through Bank QR, MoMo and Zalo Pay.

Indonesia Solution

In Indonesia, people are shifting to digital payment from conventional payment. Through one integration to our Asia payment gateway, Payment Asia provides our merchants access to payments via online bank transfer, virtual account deposits as well as one of the most renown and widely accepted e-wallet solutions in Indonesia.

Virtual Account Solution

  • Supports all banks
  • Conduct payments through online banking, inter-bank transfer, mobile banking and ATM transfers with our supported banks
  • Receive payments in real time which make it easier to manage transactions
  • Serves as an alternative to traditional cash management solutions

E-Wallet Solution

  • Payments completed in instantaneous fashion through one of the most renown Indonesian e-wallet solutions.
  • Supports E-Wallets payment such as Ovo, Dana, Shopee Pay, LinkAja


  • Supports digital payment using a scanned QR Code and can be scanned through all payment system services.

Tips of Doing Business in Southeast Asia

1. Focus on Target Audience

SEA is a huge market, so targeting your own market segment is essential. This requires extensive research on how your products/services meet the needs of the market you are focusing, as well as the uniqueness of the market. A further step to dig deep on, is how your products/services can be accepted across the whole Southeast Asia. 

2. Create an Accessible Website

It is possible that your e-store is perfect for your country, but it might need to be revamped in order to appeal to more customers. Translations should be available for your website in the primary language of the countries where you are trying to expand. The website will perform better and be more trustworthy, as a result, earning more traffic and profit. 

3. Accept Multiple Forms of Payment

Each country may have its own preferred payment options, such as e-wallets in some cases or credit cards in others, so you may need an all-in-one Southeast Asia payment gateway.

An integrated Asia payment gateway to provide multiple preferred payment methods for your cross-bordered consumers, which allows them to pay in their local currencies, is the key to success of doing business in the region. Not only in Southeast Asia, payment options can be accepted worldwide in the international market under globalisation.

Contact us to find the perfect Southeast Asia payment gateway for your business. Let’s grow together in Southeast Asia