Digital Marketing Solution

Riding to Success on the Digital Wave

From customer service, financial transactions to big data analysis, AI is gradually changing people’s business behaviour. We introduce AI technology and big data analysis to formulate targeted digital marketing strategies for merchants, increase online store traffic and transactions, and help improve consumers’ online shopping experience

Social Media

  • Operate Social Media or Official Account for merchants
  • Social media advertising increases exposure and introduces traffic to online stores or websites
  • Set up chat robots to strengthen the interaction between merchants and customers

Cooperative Promotion

  • Help merchants to discuss exclusive promotions with major e-wallets
  • Strive for the best exposure position for merchant coupons to be displayed in major e-wallets

E-commerce Platform

  • Provide simple setting of online store template and access to payment gateway
  • Allow merchants to increase sales channels for short-term promotional purposes
  • Improve online and offline transaction volume and two-way drainage