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Why Choose Payment Asia?

Payment Asia is a well-known and reliable e-commerce payment solution provider in Hong Kong. It is committed to tailor the most suitable e-commerce payment solutions for merchants, with short settlement periods and affordable fees. In addition, we provide merchants with a 24-hour customer service, operating throughout the year. No matter if the query is about e-commerce payment or settlement, we will answer you one by one.

Payment Asia has accumulated 20 years of experience in e-commerce payment solutions in the local and overseas markets. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing market, we are constantly introducing new elements to improve our payment solutions, so that merchants can always cope with the fierce competitive market. Our strategy is to use innovative technology and e-commerce payment solutions to explore the consumption potential of our customer base and convert them into merchant income.

PA Pay Payment Solutions

Payment Asia provide Hong Kong companies with comprehensive e-commerce solutions. Our products and services including e-commerce payment solutions, payment gateways, integration, and artificial intelligence. With the rise of big data analysis, Hong Kong e-payment service providers no longer just passively provide e-commerce payment and collection solutions. We will also develop a comprehensive business strategy for merchants based on their characteristics and needs of individual industries, to help increase the sales.


Offline Mobile Payment Platform

Only one device is required to support offline Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay QuickPass and credit card transactions

Online Payment Solution

Payment technology continues improving. Payment Asia provides secure authentication payment gateways to meet the needs of business development by merchants

South East Asia Solution

Payment Asia adapted to the digital development of the payment industry. Through various electronic payment solutions, merchants in Southeast Asia can reduce costs and maximise profits

IBAN & Instant Bank Transfer

Merchants can use IBAN as a bank account to help merchants holding funds, or achieve a smooth and efficient transaction process through open banking

Cryptocurrency Gateway

There is no doubt that we are living in the digital age. Let us provide you with a payment gateway that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency

Digital Marketing Solution

Payment Asia established a marketing team to analyse big data through artificial intelligence to help merchants achieve success in the market

Our strategy is using innovative technology and e-commerce payment solutions to explore the consumption potential of our customer base and divert it into merchant revenues



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