When browsing in an online store, one would expect he or she will be served properly as well as in a brick and mortar shop: well-presented goods, qualified services, and online payment methods. To secure customers’ attention and ultimately loyalty in today’s pace of business environment, the online store merchant needs the most sophisticated ecommerce solution provider.

With the growth of big data analytics, the definition of payment service providers already expands beyond passively offering payment solutions. Merchants may expect they are going to be offered not only payment service and verification, but also strategic business initiatives with customized and omni-channel approaches that targeting on the features of their businesses and thus driving more sales.

Payment Asia is an expert of providing comprehensive ecommerce solutions various kinds of enterprises, assisting merchants to catch the wave of technological development. Our products and services can be simply categorized into Payment Solutions, Payment Gateway and Integration, and Artificial Intelligence.

Payment solutions

Expanding our payment solutions with our enhancement of payment technology to meet your needs of business growth.

Payment Gateway & Integration

Seamless integration with API, real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting to maintain the stability and security of payment systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate artificial intelligence technology together with the element of digital marketing to optimize your business opportunities.

Why Payment Asia?

Being a renowned and reliable payment solution provider for merchants, we offer scalable and tailor-made ecommerce payment solutions with short settlement period and competitive rates. We are proud of providing 24/7 customer service and technical support for years as well.

Until now, we have already gained two-decade experience in domestic and global markets. To keep in pace with the fast-moving business market, Payment Asia is bringing new elements into its ecommerce payment solutions with innovative technology to ensure merchants to be competitive and flexible to react with the instant changes in the interconnected market.

Given the development of social media and AI, Payment Asia is determined to bring sales and profits to merchants’ pockets, with the full of support of our omnichannel payment solutions, comprising of the elements of digital marketing and AI technology. We foresee merchants who are equipped with flexible, efficient and secure ecommerce solutions would divert their resources on driving innovation and exploring business opportunities, and eventually stand out from the crowd and lead the market.

“Our strategy is diverting customer traffic into merchants’ revenues, with the full of support of our qualified artificial technology (AI). We are embracing omnichannel payment solutions.”

Market Recognition