Merchant Application & Registration

Please go to our e-application platform to register and submit relevant documents。
Payment Asia E-application Platform: https://application.pa-sys.com/nef/account/register
Application Instruction:https://youtu.be/2JwD5Ri1ISs (with English subtitles)

Please refer to the “Documents Required for Application” section in the e-application platform
Payment Asia e-application platform: https://application.pa-sys.com/nef/account/register

Refer to regulations and guidelines of the “Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-financing of Terrorism”, as well as the requirements of the licensees of stored-value payment instruments, we collect relevant documents to know more about the business of merchants. For more information, please refer to Anti-Money Laundering

We will conduct an initial review of your application within 3 working days and activate the required e-payment within about 14 working days. Depending on the degree of business risk or complexity of the structure, the review and activation procedures may take longer.

Of course, welcome to connect with our sales team closely. 

After become an merchant & Money Collection

The e-wallets which support UnionPay QR code :UnionPay、BoC Pay、HSBC Reward+、livi bank、OmyCard、ICBC Pay. 

After activation, we will provide API access guidelines to merchants for connecting the payment gateway to the corresponding applicationThe shopping cart systemsplug-ins we support include:Wix、Shopify、SHOPLINE、WooCommerce、OpenCart、PrestaShop、Magento、WordPress. 

Please use your mobile phone or tablet to download the “PA Pay” app, and you can start receiving payments after logging in: 

Google Play(Android):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paymentasia.paymentasia
App Store(iOS):https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/pa-pay/id1365339608

For detailed instruction, please refer to this video「PA Pay user guideline」(0:28-3:20)demonstration (with English subtitles)

Please refer to our Digital Marketing Solution.
Welcome to contact out Marketing team:

Email: [email protected] (The title of email: Cooperative promotion)
WhatsApp: +852 9166 1056

POS machine & background operation

Please watch this video「Solving questions about POS machine」(7:56-9:41)part. (with English subtitles)

Website (Login to Merchants Platform): https://merchant.pa-sys.com/user/sign-in

For detailed instruction, please refer to this video “user guideline of merchant background”(3:21-7:40)demonstration (with English subtitles)