Payment Asia signs strategic partnership agreement with Children’s Book Fair and TicketBear, promoting SMEs with FinTech

APAC payment solutions provider Payment Asia announced a strategic partnership agreement with D&P Education Kingdom, the organizer of the Children’s Book Fair, and ticketing website TicketBear. The partnership will unite the educational publishing and exhibition industries to jointly promote the business development of small and medium-sized enterprises by introducing a new generation of payment solutions.

The vigorous development of parenting knowledge in recent years has promoted an increase in the number of related book publications. As the largest parenting education exhibition organizer in Hong Kong, the Children’s Book Fair successfully introduced 700 exhibitors and attracted 300,000 visitors by December last year. With Payment Asia and TicketBear’s onboarding, the event hopes to introduce new concepts and business opportunities through cooperation in different sectors amid this partnership.

According to the agreement, Payment Asia will provide innovative financial technology solutions to introduce more convenient payment systems for D&P Education Kingdom’s Children’s Book Fair and TicketBear’s ticketing platform, including contactless payment methods, as well as providing Web3 payment options, etc. This will not only enable consumers to enjoy a safer and more efficient transaction experience but will also help small and medium-sized enterprises expand their customer base and improve their competitiveness.

Regarding this cooperation, Payment Asia Hong Kong Sales Director Tanya Yeung said: “We are delighted to have reached this strategic cooperation agreement with D&P Education Kingdom and TicketBear. By introducing the latest financial technology, we are confident that we can open up new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. The possibility of multiple value-added services can help them succeed in this highly competitive market. We believe that combining financial technology with corporate needs can not only improve efficiency and reduce costs but also create more business opportunities and development space. This kind of cooperation is not only for the common interests of all parties but also to promote the healthy development of the entire industry ecosystem so that more companies can benefit from the advantages of digital transformation. We look forward to working with our partners to jointly create a new business situation in the future.”

Mr. Lawrence Chui, CEO of D&P Education Kingdom, said: “This strategic cooperation has successfully brought the latest payment experience to our vast merchant base. The Children’s Book Fair has always been committed to providing merchants with the highest quality exhibition experience, and this cooperation is an important step to realizing this vision and a crucial leap toward future development. By integrating payment solutions, we will jointly create a more convenient and secure payment environment for merchants. This cooperation is not only for the pursuit of commercial success but also to provide the best service experience so that every merchant can feel our dedication and commitment.”

Mr. Erik Suen, Founder of TicketBear, said: “Our mission has always been providing the most convenient ticketing system to the public. This cooperation with Payment Asia and Children’s Book Fair organizer D&P Education Kingdom aims to make businesses enjoy a more convenient ticketing experience. Not only do we provide traditional ticketing solutions but are also committed to adapting to the development trend of Hong Kong’s Web3 and introducing new services such as NFT to meet the market trend. This cooperation will bring more convenience and innovation, and promote the development of the entire ticketing industry.”

As of September 2023, the total number of exhibition activities in Hong Kong has recovered to 85% of the pre-epidemic level in 2019, and the total number of admissions has also recovered close to 80%. The industry expects that by the first half of 2024, Hong Kong’s convention and exhibition industry will fully recover to its pre-epidemic levels. To help the recovery of Hong Kong’s exhibition industry, the Hong Kong government has launched a three-year exhibition incentive scheme in July 2023. The 2024 Children’s Book Fair will be held in Hong Kong in May and more event details will be released later.

The signing of this strategic partnership agreement will undoubtedly inject new vitality into small and medium-sized enterprises and promote the healthy development of the e-commerce ecosystem. We look forward to Payment Asia, D&P Education Kingdom, and TicketBear working together in the future to witness the greater success of small and medium-sized enterprises with the help of financial technology.