Keep These in Mind as You Set Up Your Online Payment Gateway

E-commerce is here to stay and with it, all of its perks, including online payments. Business owners today must ensure that they equip their e-stores with the right payment gateway to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. This will go a long way into ensuring the success of the e-commerce business.


Figure Out Where You Want to Collect the Payments

Online payment gateways can be designed to collect funds right on the e-store’s website. They can also be designed to redirect users to another website where the collection occurs. The former is the integrated model of online payments, and the latter is the model of redirection. Both these models of online payment gateways are available in the Philippines or in Indonesia and can be availed by business owners there.


Ensure Compliance with the Prescribed Security Standards 

The internet can be a scary place. Monetary transactions over the internet can be even scarier. As opposed to physical transactions where the transfer of funds is directly witnessed by the customer or their agent, an Indonesia online payment gateway provides for direct transfer of funds from the customers’ banks to the merchants’ banks. These transactions are made possible only when information pertaining to the customers’ banks is entered. This sensitive data must be protected at all costs, any mishap could cost the customer their financial security and land the merchants in legal suits and cost them their goodwill. Therefore, whether you are looking for an online payment gateway in the Philippines or Indonesia, ensure that it complies with the PCI-DSS security standards laid down by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.


Remember that an Efficient Payment Gateway is Always Preferred

Online payment gateways in the Philippines and Indonesia function on the basis of information entered by the customer either on the merchant website or on the website they’ve been redirected to for the transaction. This means that customers would have to click their way to multiple forms and fill them up. Needless to say, this is a cumbersome process and could potentially deter customers from re-visiting the e-store again or recommending it to others. This potential risk of deterrence can be overcome by customising the online payment gateway to be more efficient. Unnecessary forms can be made optional or avoided completely, provisions to remember the information entered for further transactions can be made, where multiple addresses or phone numbers or details are to be entered, options can be given to directly copy the details if they are the same, etc.


The Greater the Payment Options, the Greater the Traffic

Whether it is an Indonesia online payment gateway or one in the Philippines, its biggest pitfall would be to provide none or just a few payment options. The internet has unified the entire world market. The online presence of a store in Indonesia or in the Philippines can be visited by a customer all the way across the globe. Business owners should be wary of the global market they are conducting business in and ensure that their e-stores cater to global needs. A simple way to do this is to incorporate multiple payment options that accept globally recognised debit and credit cards.


Cater to the Customers’ Questions and Complaints

The success of any business hinges upon customer satisfaction. It is not necessary that every customer is tech-savvy and understands how to navigate through an online payment gateway. These customers should be given an option to raise an issue regarding the transaction and talk to the customer support team.