E-Commerce in Vietnam: Creating A Globally Attractive Marketplace

E-Commerce in Vietnam: Creating A Globally Attractive Marketplace

The Vietnamese government has launched a financial scheme for the development of non-cash payments, which aims to reduce the ratio of cash transactions to 10% and have at least 70% of its population with a bank account.

Leading online payment providers in Vietnam, offer an array of payment options to meet the growing demand of the merchants in this market.


Virtual Account Solution

  • Support more than 10+ Vietnamese banks
  • Receive payments within seconds


Alternative Solution

  • Provide a variety of payment options such as E-wallet, ATM online, and QR code payments
  • Support OTC banking options on an approval basis


A Rise in Economic Growth 

Vietnam is home to close to nearly 60% of people under the age of 35. This creates a force that is not just young, earns well but is also comfortable with technology. The abundance of youth ensures that there is a growing demand for online shopping and business. The Vietnamese economy has been showing a steady GDP growth every year, making it one of the highest in the world. This has created a favorable environment for e-commerce. Omnichannel payment solutions by online payment providers in Vietnam, offer a reliable and secure system that allows for seamless integration of digital technology. They also provide 24/7 technical support and customer service assistance to keep up with the growing demands of the market.


Increase in Internet Usage

With nearly 50 million internet users in Vietnam alone, the use of the internet is rapid and all-penetrating. Providers of payment solutions in Vietnam bank on this dynamic internet usage to boost online business and transactions. They use big data analytics to help businesses with strategic marketing ads and promotional material online to draw customers and keep them coming back for more. Reputed online payment providers in Vietnam have increased their presence and services to keep up with the growing population of online shoppers. They are aware of the consumers’ preference for paying, buying or transferring funds through different platforms, which have contributed to the expansion of the e-commerce ecosystem in Vietnam.


Reliance on E Payment Modes

Online payments offer low costs and a secure, transparent process that is flexible and convenient for both the buyer and the seller. Since the Vietnamese government offers greater potential for digital banking, more and more people opt for it. Now you can expect better services, faster internet speed, and the introduction of convenient internet banking systems. Customers can now regularly use the internet to transfer money, make card transactions, pay bills, make deposits, and shop online. Online payment providers in Vietnam, also offer incentives on digital banking services. The government recognizes alternative payment methods in Vietnam, which include Direct Debits, Mobile Payments, and Bank Transfers.

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