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Payments-based-lending Solution

Payment Asia offers a one-stop payment gateway, which aims to serve SMEs, online businesses, and startups. Through partnering with Reap, Payment Asia offers a simple way for users to access short term credit through credit card payments, allowing users to access up to 58 days of interest-free financing and earn rewards such as air miles and cash back rewards.

Reap, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a leading payments-based-lending platform in Asia, enabling small businesses to pay expenses to anyone, anywhere entirely via credit card. Reap has developed partnerships with Visa, Xero, Lalamove and many other local and international corporations, and hopes to utilize these relationships to better serve over 300,000 local SMEs; notable clients of Reap include Pizza Box, Heeretea, Snaptee, and more.

The biggest benefits to using the Reap Pay platform include:

  • Transactions using a credit card will allow users to earn rewards such as program points, air miles and cash back rewards
  • Eliminates instant cash transfers and allows users to access up to 58 days of interest-free financing
  • With up to 58 days of interest free financing, users will be able to pay earlier and enjoy more favorable pricing from suppliers
  • Cross-border transactions will be safely processed and delivered to the recipient’s bank account in 3 business days
  • Users will be able to manage invoices, and reconcile transaction information on Reap, the all-in-one online payment platform
  • Payments can also be automated so that users can schedule recurring payments and not worry about forgetting to pay bills