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IBAN & Instant Bank Transfer (United Kingdom & Singapore)


Based on the current landscape of payments, Payment Asia well understands the pain points of our merchants and can now facilitate them with IBANs as a banking facility to hold their funds.

Benefits of IBAN :

  • Multi-currency IBANs for overseas transactions
  • Guaranteed best price for EUR & USD and same-day payments
  • Secure, reliable way to get your own IBAN
  • Remote account opening
  • Centralise transaction management in master account
  • Transactional fees are reduced for both incoming and outgoing transactions



Seamless Transactions with Open Banking

Open Banking can be deemed as an instant bank transfer via the utilization of the current banking network rails across the United Kingdom and Europe that enables merchants and consumers to collect, deposit and purchase within seconds. Payment Asia has further elevated that process via the allowance of end users to use QR codes & biometric verification resulting in smooth and efficient transactions.

Benefits of Open Banking:

  • Send and receive payments across the United Kingdom and Europe with multiple currencies
  • No hidden fees
  • Zero chargebacks and fraud
  • Instant settle to merchant bank account
  • Support QR codes and biometric verification of transactions




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