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While making online purchases is becoming a regular practice, using a mobile app to make payment is also becoming popular in Hong Kong. To serve the growing demand of our clients, Payment Asia launches a mobile app payment gateway – PA Pay App to support Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay QR Code, one of the best online payment platforms. Clients using the PA Pay App would benefit from cashless transactions to save costs and reduce the auditing risks involved. As Mainland Chinese visitors are fond of paying by Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay QR Code, clients can boost their sales after the installation of PA Pay App, which is one of the best mobile app payment solution providers in both Hong Kong and across Asia.

Market Sharing

Alipay and WeChat Pay are the top 2 in terms of the amount of mobile payment transactions made in China, where nearly 1.1 billion active users are recorded.

Alipay and WeChat Pay are the top 2 in terms of the amount of mobile payment transactions made in China, where nearly 1.1 billion active users are recorded.

Consumption of Chinese tourists in Hong Kong

The growing cross-border transaction volume drives the development of mobile payment market in Hong Kong.

More than 20 million Chinese tourists visit Hong Kong in 2017 during the 1st half, comprising 75% of the total.

Overnight Chinese visitors spent more than 126 billion HKD in 2016, comprising more than 70% of the total.

In 2016, non-overnight Chinese visitors spent more than 60.3 billion HKD.

Data from 20Statistics 2006 202017.pdf


Payment Asia’s own mobile payment application – PA Pay App, which is designed especially for merchants, currently supports Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay QR Code payments.


For clients whom own brick and mortar stores, you can receive immediate notifications of payment and transaction reports when you use the PA Pay App. In comparison to credit card transactions, by using PA Pay App, a mobile payment gateway app, you’re offered a shorter settlement period which effectively lowers your operation costs. PA Pay App includes both RMB eWallet and HKD eWallet, and all transactions are settled in HKD. In addition, this mobile app payment solution is suitable for all types of Hong Kong merchants.

Quick transaction for mobile payment devices

Simple and safe QR Code payment

Servicing across HKG-CHN border

Cashless for reducing charges

Real-time payment notification and transaction reports

Support offline payment


PA Pay App also supports worldwide online payment systems so that merchants can connect to the global market through our app. In the future, we will keep expanding our coverage to more payment platforms to maximize the strength of PA Pay App and thus get merchants benefited.


The definition of e-commerce is being broaden in the same pace of the development of social media. Payment Asia follows the trend and are developing the digital marketing business in both China and Hong Kong. Other than PA Pay App, our one-stop e-commerce solution includes the management of social media account and page, with the help ofour big data analytic system and AI technology. Merchants who know the demography and consumption behavior in advance can formulate flexible marketing and operation strategies.

Our Payment Solutions

When using Alipay through PA Pay App, merchants may operate through the POS machine provided by us, or by their smartphones or tablets. Both ways are simple and easy to be accessed.

Solution 1: Self-device
  • Merchant makes use of their smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android both compatible)
  • Download PA Pay App
Solution 2: Terminal Device
  • Smart POS terminal (provided by Payment Asia)
  • Able to connect Wifi/SIM Card
  • Equipped with receipt printing function
  • Available for scanning QR Code

How to use PA Pay App

Method 1: Merchant scans customer’s QR Code by POS

Merchant logs into PA Pay App by POS and then enters the transaction amount

Remind the customer to show his or her QR Code

Scan the customer’s QR Code by POS

Transaction completed

Method 2: Customer scans merchant’s QR Code sticker

Customer logs in Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay QR Code and then scan merchant’s QR Code

Customer enters transaction amount

Transaction completed

Ready To Get Start?


In addition to charging, merchants may also use the PA Pay App to check the latest sales records for an overview of consumption patterns.

  • Easy to search all transaction records
  • Transaction records can be freely exported to Excel files
  • Exceptional for auditing and business analysis