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A couple years ago, our IT team with increasing stability and security in mind, decided the implementation of Amazon’s Web Service. As a result, in early 2016, most of our services had gone through successful transition and had achieved significant reduction in hardware and networking malfunction downtime to approximately zero.
Payment Asia, the East Asia’s leading online payment solutions provider, is offering a 3-month FREE Digital Marketing Trial (worth HKD$5,000) to all new joiners.
Payment Asia adds FPX payments solution to its bouquet of services. FPX is a game changer to payment services which enables consumer to transfer funds to seller with ease and efficiency.
The invention of the blockchain made Bitcoin the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. It is revolutionizing the complete digital payment industry.
China Union Pay mobile payment disrupts online payment scenario in China and neighboring countries.
Payment Asia adds WeChat Pay to its umbrella of payment services. With a move to increase their stronghold in Asia. Payment Asia adds another innovative payment method into their bouquet of online payment services.
Payment Asia, Asia’s leading payment service company has announced rolling out of CUP (China Union Pay) Mobile Payment service in December.