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The Vietnamese government has launched a financial scheme for the development of non-cash payments, which aims to reduce the ratio of cash transactions to 10% and have at least 70% of its population with a bank account. Leading online payment providers in Vietnam, offer an array of payment options to meet the growing demand of the merchants in this market. Virtual Account Solution • Support more than 10+ Vietnamese banks  • Receive payments within seconds Alternative Solution • Provide a variety of payment options such as E-wallet, ATM online, and QR code payments • Support OTC banking options on an approval basis A Rise in Economic Growth  Vietnam is home to close to nearly 60% of people under the age of 35. This creates a force that is not just young, earns well but is also comfortable with technology. The abundance of youth ensures that there is a growing demand for online shopping and business. The Vietnamese economy has been showing a steady GDP growth every year, making it one of the highest in the world. This has created a favorable environment for e-commerce. Omnichannel payment solutions by online payment providers in Vietnam, offer a reliable and secure system that allows for seamless integration of digital technology. They also provide 24/7 technical support and customer service assistance to keep up with the growing demands of the market. Increase in Internet Usage With nearly 50 million internet users in Vietnam alone, the use of the internet is rapid and all-penetrating. Providers of payment solutions in Vietnam bank on this dynamic internet usage to boost online business and transactions. They use big data analytics to help businesses with strategic marketing ads and promotional material online to draw customers and keep them coming back for more. Reputed online payment providers in Vietnam have increased their presence and services to keep up with the growing population of online shoppers. They are aware of the consumers’ preference for paying, buying or transferring funds through different platforms, which have contributed to the expansion of the e-commerce ecosystem in Vietnam.  Reliance on E Payment Modes Online payments offer low costs and a secure, transparent process that is flexible and convenient for both the buyer and the seller. Since the Vietnamese government offers greater potential for digital banking, more and more people opt for it. Now you can expect better services, faster internet speed, and the introduction of convenient internet banking systems. Customers can now regularly use the internet to transfer money, make card transactions, pay bills, make deposits, and shop online. Online payment providers in Vietnam, also offer incentives on digital banking services. The government recognizes alternative payment methods in Vietnam, which include Direct Debits, Mobile Payments, and Bank Transfers.  Are you ready to join the bandwagon of state-of-the-art payment processing? Why lag behind the competition when you can race ahead? Top service providers are quickly transforming Vietnam into a global market. Come and partner with a reputed firm and step into the future with confidence. 
Thailand being one of the fastest emerging markets in Southeast Asia, has a direct correlation with regard to their sophisticated mobile payment solutions. Different online payment solutions in Thailand have risen in popularity over the past couple of years. For example, payments done via a mobile device are now used in multiple verticals and have become an indispensable option in the Thai market. Leading providers of payment solutions recognize this demand and assure clients that their solutions come with excellent client service and complete coverage of all the banks in Thailand. Ease of E-Payments and Social Media Rise The rise of the younger generation has played a vital role in the popularity of online marketing and business. In the fast-moving business market, service providers are aware that both local and international players are actively participating to adopt e-payment as a preferred mode of payment. The use of the Internet and mobile phones has brought the shopping experience to the consumers’ homes. Convenient and user-friendly online payment solutions in Thailand have been instrumental in attracting people from all age groups and walks of life. This has led to a significant boost in profits for clients. Top providers incorporate Artificial Intelligence along with innovative technology to create a one-stop e-commerce platform for any online business.  Social Commerce and Widening Boundaries Social websites and messaging are quickly becoming an essential part of e-commerce. You can choose a payment processing partner that specializes in using chatbots and messaging platforms to boost, promote, and enhance your business. Companies also use social media as a mode of influence to get in touch with their audience and grow their business. With an increase in demand for online shopping, you can ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition and deals with the constant changes that occur. Online payment solutions in Thailand ensure that cross border transactions will be completed within three working days. This will make a significant difference especially if you have several cross-border transactions every month. Consumer Preferences and Business Opportunities The trend among the majority of shoppers is to conduct online transactions as an alternative to cash payments. Online payment solutions in Thailand include mobile banking, e-wallets, use of debit and credit cards, and internet banking. E-payments only require a link with your bank details, and in some cases, registered users can even use their mobile numbers to transfer funds. A one-stop payment solutions provider will offer users short-term credit along with interest-free financing and cash back rewards. Their goal will be to enable every business, small or big, to reach its full potential and secure the loyalty of customer with top-notch payment solutions. The Thai Government has succeeded in its effort to boost e-commerce and online payments. Has your business taken advantage of online payment solutions? If not, it is not too late to start. Contact a reputed provider of payment solutions, and they will be happy to help in any way possible. Take a step forward before your competition does!
Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with its e-commerce rapidly growing through the use of digital payment methods. Indonesia's mobile commerce alone has a projected value of $31.5B by 2021. This is due to the rapid increase in mobile phone users. Companies that offer payment solutions help merchants accept mobile payments and online bank transfers through the use of Indonesia online payment gateway. Besides online bank transfers, they also have virtual account solutions, which are also popular in the Indonesian market. These companies can help you set-up your merchant account and be part of this growth. Take a look at why e-commerce in Indonesia is growing exponentially over the years! Supportive Government Regulations The Indonesian government has been quite supportive of online payments and business. The new regulations and policies put in place ensure that e-commerce becomes a part of social behavior. With an Indonesia online payment gateway, consumers can easily choose their most preferred online payment option. This facility is available to anyone, and safe and secure measures are employed to ensure better customer protection. With reputed payment gateway providers, you can accept online transactions or mobile payments anywhere and anytime. They enable real-time processing of all card transactions without compromising on security. Mobile Access and Greater Opportunities With smartphones, e-money is possible anywhere and anytime. All it requires is for the customer to download an app or connect their account to their mobile, and they can pay or shop for products and services. The concept of an e-wallet has given rise to greater accessibility, wider opportunities, and increased dependence on reliable online payment platforms. Businesses can tie-up withleading service providers to offer discount and benefit to customers. In this way, many other sectors, such as public services, cinemas, or even restaurants, can now offer their products and services through Indonesia online payment gateways. The Middle Class and E-Commerce System The rise of the middle class in Indonesia has resulted in a population that has a higher purchasing power. Young, ambitious, and desirous of an affluent lifestyle, this group of people work hard and spend liberally. You will find a wide range of payment solutions that are designed to provide a seamless and efficient payment package for them. Top providers of payment solutions have a framework and strategy that taps into this resource to provide only the best services. Their goal will be to be part of the cashless future, and therefore, they will lend both online and offline support. Their e-commerce platform will allow customers to make purchases simply by scanning the QR code, using direct debits or bank transfers. Indonesia quickly realizes the power of e-commerce. With Indonesia online payment gateways, businesses can help enhance the economy of the country and take it forward. If you are trying to grow your business, then your next step should be to explore online payments. Get in touch with the right service provided to get started in the right direction right away. 
Technological developments in information technology and telecommunications have set an electronic revolution in the Malaysian banking sector. The leading e-commerce payment method in Malaysia is bank transfer, which is about 46% of all e-commerce payments. As they continue to embrace the norm of the society to use cashless payments, providers of innovative online payment solutions in Malaysia have paved the way for a seamless and secure online banking experience. They will significantly contribute to the growing digital economy of Malaysia in the next years to come. The country of Malaysia has been growing from strength to strength in its endeavor to boost e-commerce and digitization of payments and business. Innovations, active participation, and fresh ideas from the younger generation are driving this growth. This has resulted in better internet facilities and a wider scope of trade relations with its neighboring countries.  Increase in the Use of Electronic Payment Numerous initiatives have led to the rise of online payment solutions in Malaysia, as well as mobile and electronic banking transactions. With a focus on security and multiple currency support, it is important that customers experience flexibility and convenience. Leading service providers are aware that the reach of e-commerce in Malaysia has penetrated into banks with online cash transfer facilities and real-time payments. Through their services, you can offer more options for your customers to encourage more purchasing and increased revenue.   Internet-Savvy Customers Malaysia boasts of a large population of the younger generation that is well versed with the internet. Businesses can tap into the comfort level by using our leading payment gateways. Artificial intelligence and digital marketing can be used to drive consumer sales. A secure Omni channel payment solution enables innovation, flexibility, and new business opportunities. The use of smartphones has furthered the penetration of online shopping, payments, and transactions. Businesses can now create marketing content to increase mobile traffic, especially on the weekends. Social Media Platforms Like most countries, Malaysia, too, is experiencing a surge in social media platform usage. This has resulted in social commerce, where individuals or businesses buy and sell products online. Payment solutions in Malaysia can help promote and provide merchants with information, tailor-made e-payment solutions, and competitive technology to stay ahead in the competition. In other words, conversations are leading to conversions. Companies are now integrating Artificial Intelligence in the form of chatbots to connect and engage with customers.  Opening of Geographical Boundaries With the digitization drive, cross-border business opportunities are on the rise. Foreign investments towards e-commerce are on the rise every day. Customers are also benefitted from us because their products and services are no longer restricted by geography or logistics. It’s also a great way for businesses to grow and expand their client base and establish loyalty.  Payment solutions in Malaysia are changing the face of business and marketing for the better. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity yet, it is time to get the ball rolling in the right direction. 
The business world has witnessed how payment methods have evolved over the past two decades and has managed to adapt to the digital advancement of the payments industry. Today, merchants of all categories chose online payment solutions to play a big role in their expansion into new markets in Southeast Asia. E-wallets, online banking, QR code, online bank transfers, and virtual accounts are the online payment solutions that are commonly offered to merchants. With the use of online payment solutions in Southeast Asia, merchants are guaranteed to reduce costs and maximize profits. Cut Costs and Invest Smart  With the tremendous potential of e-commerce, there is no need to invest in a physical store, infrastructure, or inventory. With these large investments out of the way, you can concentrate on setting up a strong digital marketing team. Digital advertising is fairly easy to adjust according to budget and is a powerful, cost-effective tool. SEA online payment solutions can be integrated with other payment alternatives from all sectors. While e-commerce does involve some initial costs such as website set up, design, and maintenance, it is possible to reduce overall operational costs, maximize your customer base, and promote merchant transparency.  Personalization and Data Analysis With online selling, you can collect and analyze customer data very easily. By tracking customer interactions and receiving continuous feedback, you will be able to gauge and strategize your business selling model and customer loyalty programs. With so much data at your fingertips, you will be able to accurately promote your products and services to your target audience. The biggest advantage is that you can personalize your information, promotions, and products based on a specific buying habit, preference, location, or purchasing power. With e-bank payment for SEA, you are guaranteed of a reliable and safe seamless system to meet growing demand.  Business Growth and Customer Satisfaction As a business owner, you can choose to use your strong online presence to direct customers to your physical store. SEO and other digital marketing strategies can help you understand customers' buying behavior and use it to your advantage. With online business, your budget can be adjusted to match its size. This way, when your company expands and grows, your budget, marketing, and inventory also grow. Providers that offer a one-stop payment platform are quickly turning customers to e-commerce sites because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Incorporating the best of technology, they offer customized strategic business initiatives to drive more sales. With a Southeast Asia online payment facility, you can now keep your online business open 24 hours a day for your local and global customers.  Southeast Asia's e-banking payment leaders can be trusted to transform your business and take it to greater heights. E-commerce is definitely here to stay, so get on the bandwagon before your competitors capture your market share. Unfortunately, businesses that do not opt for innovative payment solutions may not be able to capitalize on new opportunities. Find reliable providers that offer online payment solutions today.
Are you looking for an online payment gateway in Philippines? Before you begin your search, you need to know how an e-commerce payment or transaction works. This knowledge will help you sift through the numerous payment gateway providers out there and choose the best one for your business. What is an E-commerce Transaction? Basically, an e-commerce transaction refers to the movement of money from the customer to your bank account through the payment gateway on your website. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an electronic transaction is the sale or purchase of goods or services, whether between businesses, households, individuals, governments, and other private or public organizations, carried out on computer-mediated networks. The services and goods are ordered through these networks, but the final payment and the eventual delivery of the services or goods may be handled online or offline. The entire process can be quite complex with numerous parties and financial organizations involved in completing each transaction. Therefore, it is importantto study all the elements properly before going ahead. What are the Factors Involved? An e-commerce transaction involves three main factors: • The Customer As the popular saying goes, “the customer is king”. You should be aware that your customers will be using different payment methods - credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments etc., either through a computer or a mobile phone. Further, they might be paying from an international location. The ecommerce solution provider that you choose for your payment gateway must be able to meet the demands and preferences of your customers. It should not only support all kinds of payment methods but also support multiple international currencies. • The Merchant In this case, you are the merchant. To be able to receive payments through your website, you need to collaborate with a merchant bank, which will accept payments on your behalf and deposit them into your merchant account. • The Technology This is the most important part of the entire transaction. The technology used by your e-commerce solution provider will determine the success or failure of your business. Seamless transactions lead to repeat customers for your website. There are two parts to this: Payment Gateway and Payment Processor. The payment gateway is the software on your website that connects the customer, your website and the banking network. The payment processor works in the background to ensure that the entire transaction passes off without a hitch. As you begin your search for an online payment gateway in Philippines, it is imperative that you should understand all the nitty-gritty of e-commerce payments and transactions. We advise that you get in touch with a local and well-established professional e-commerce service provider who can hand hold you through the entire process and help you establish your business.
What are the main features one should look for while selecting a payment solutions service provider? As you go about setting up your e-commerce business in China, it is critical to choose the right ecommerce payment gateway for your website. We have listed a few important factors that you must consider to make an informed choice and offer the best service to your esteemed customers. Methods of Integration There are two main methods of integrating a payment gateway into your website, hosted gateway and non-hosted (integrated) gateway. A hassle-free integration method takes a load off your shoulders and helps you set up your business faster. Pricing and Fees • Pricing - Payment processing involves multiple financial institutions or organizations, and every party that participates in the transaction charges a processing fee. Every payment solutions provider has its own fee structure. You should carefully study and understand all the fees involved to avoid hidden fees or additional expenses. • Merchant Account Options - A merchant account is an agreement between you (the merchant) and your bank or payment gateway service provider, through which you allow the bank or the service provider to process your transactions. Does the service provider offer a merchant account? If you already have a merchant account, look carefully at all the services that you are offered. • Supported Payment Methods & Currencies - A good payment gateway will support all kinds of payments methods, such as credit card payments, debit card payments, mobile payments etc. Make sure that your payment gateway supports all the methods popular among your customers. If you have an international business, it is very important that your payment gateway should support multiple currencies. Security • Regulatory Compliance - Your customers expect the best from you, and it is your duty to offer them the most secure payment options. Your e-commerce payment gateway provider must follow international security standards like PCI-DSS. • Passwords & Authentication - A complex password offers protection against theft of financial information. Multi-factor authentication is another important factor that your payment gateway must have. • Data and Storage - Secure cloud storage, data encryption, using the latest operating system etc., are the other factors involved in making your payment gateway secure. Remember, keeping your customers' data safe and secure is your responsibility. Technical Support • Support for All Devices & Operating Systems - Most businesses tend to overlook this factor while setting up their payment gateway. Support for all devices, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets etc. is crucial to enable a smooth transaction every time. Your payment gateway must also support multiple operating systems like Windows, IOS, Android etc. • Ability to Scale Up - As your business grows, your payment gateway service provider must be able to support the increased volume of transactions through your website. Choose a service provider that helps you scale up your business with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology. • 24/7 Customer Service - Your e-commerce website will see transactions happening at all times. The service provider that you choose must be able to offer 24/7 support. Check whether your service provider offers live technical support. A good payment solutions gateway will improve client confidence, inspire trust, and protect you from fraudulent actions. It is always advisable to go for an established company that has a good record of accomplishment.
There is no doubt about the fact that mobile app payments are quick, easy and efficient. Merchants and customers benefit as payments are made with just a few clicks on a mobile phone. Convenience with Mobile Payments The reason for the growing popularity of mobile app payments is its convenience. Customers who want to make mobile app payments only need to have a good quality smartphone. Mobile payments make it easy for them to access products from your store with hardly any waiting time. If they come to a physical store, the checkout is fast, and there is no need for them to carry physical wallets. A payment processing solution that supports popular apps in the market can significantly increase sales in the long run. Enhanced Security with Payments Apart from being convenience, mobile app payments are also very secure. You can accept payments anytime and anywhere; thus, it fuels the growth of your business. There is dynamic encryption and several layers of security to ensure that confidential information is safe and transactions are secure. Biometric identification, multi-factor authentication, and PIN confirmation also provide additional layers of security for your mobile app payments. Further, with PCI compliance, you can stay up to date with the security expectations of your customers. Cloud storage of customer data is also another security measure that you can employ to protect the interests of your customers. Rewards with Loyalty Points The pandemic has ensured that 90% or more of all merchants accept some sort of digital payment, whether it is mobile app payments, QR code, or credit or debit cards. Of these, QR codes and mobile payments are really popular and widely accepted. They can be used by big or small businesses. Offering loyalty points and reward cards for mobile app payments can increase brand loyalty and the incentive to use them more. Mobile payments also help to reduce your expenses as you do not need a physical device to accept payment. Growing E-commerce Market in Vietnam The approximate population in Vietnam is 95.6 million, with an average age of 30.9 years. The e-commerce market in Vietnam is rapidly growing thanks to its young population. This is one of the reasons why there has been an increasing presence of online payment providers in Vietnam. Internet penetration in the country has reached almost 50% with smartphone usage also being about the same. The economic performance in the country has been rather steady with e-commerce predicted to really pick up this year. Dispelling Customer Concerns Buyers in Vietnam are really cautious, and providers have to win their trust. Online payment providers in Vietnam have to ensure that the payment process is smooth, quick and secure to win over Vietnamese customers. Shoppers in Vietnam are also very price-conscious and will want to check the prices of similar products on other sites before making a commitment to purchase an item. Therefore, you need to provide them with the ability to compare product prices along with the assurance that their money is safe, and the transaction is secure. Help from the Government The government in Vietnam is also doing its bit to encourage non-cash payments. They have intervened to ensure that payment fraud and sale of counterfeit goods is reduced if not eliminated with stricter e-commerce regulations. This has been a source of encouragement to online payment providers who want to set up bases in Vietnam. Some of the leading online payment providers in Vietnam also provide virtual account solutions and support payments from 10 plus Vietnamese banks. They also provide solutions such as e-wallet, QR code payments, and ATM online. They also support OTC banking options after required approvals have been obtained.
Setting up an e-commerce website, especially the technological framework, can be quite a cumbersome process without expert guidance. One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website is the technology used in the payment gateway, also known as e-payment technology. This technology serves as the backbone of the entire system and helps to process all the payments going through the payment gateway installed on your website. What is an E-payment System? An e-payment system helps you to either pay for goods and services or receive payments electronically. It is also called an electronic, digital, or online payment system. In this system, there is no direct interaction between the buyer and the seller. The e-payment system acts as the gateway connecting the customer and the merchant. This system is handled by a payment gateway provider. Technology Used in E-payments The technology used in an e-commerce transaction includes technologies for communications, processing customer data as well as financial data, data storage etc. This process comprises of ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ activities. Front-end activities are those at the user’s end. The most common technologies are smart cards, transponders or tags, and smartphones. Back-end activities include payment processing, account maintenance, customer service, and reporting. These activities are handled by the payment gateway provider. E-Payment Process An e-commerce transaction involves two factors: the payment gateway, and the payment processor. The payment gateway is the software on your website that connects the customer, your website, and the banking network. The payment processor, meanwhile, works in the background to ensure that the entire transaction passes off without a hitch. Payment Processor The payment processor is the most critical part of any e-commerce transaction. This is where all the heavy lifting happens. This part of the process is quite complicated as it involves multiple financial organizations, each of which levies a difference service charge. Be sure to research and study all the rates and pricing involved. There are two steps in payment processing: Step 1 - Authorizing or Approving the Sale: When a customer visits your website and purchases a product with a credit/debit card, the information received from the card is transmitted through the payment gateway where it is encrypted and sent to the processor. The processor then requests the issuing bank (customer’s bank) to check if the customer account has enough money to pay for the product. The bank responds with a yes or no. The processor sends the information to the customer and tells your bank to credit the amount to your merchant account. This is a lightning-fast process and takes just about a couple of seconds. Step 2 - Settlement of the Claim The second step in this process is where the customer’s issuing bank transfers the funds to your merchant bank, which, in turn, credits the amount in your merchant account. When you check your account, the amount is available for your use. This step might take a few days. With the increasing penetration of the internet, more and more people all over the world have begun using the internet to purchase goods and transfer funds. It is always advisable to find out what your target audience needs and provide the most convenient and relevant e-payment system. The e-payment technology used by your payment gateway service provider must be robust and able to thwart fraudulent activities. A strong system can greatly enhance the functioning of your website as well as the user experience. If you are looking for payment processing solutions, get in touch with a reputed firm that offers customized solutions to meet your specific business needs and requirements.