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Are you in search of a suitable payment processing solution for your commercial enterprise? A professional online payment provider in Vietnam can offer a range of solutions that will work wonders for your business. Here are four commonly used online payment solutions and their characteristics. Electronic Payment Cards The functionality of credit cards in online transactions is seamless, quick and independent of a user’s time and location. Cards are easy to obtain and use, as customers do not require any additional software or hardware to process them. The authentication procedure for cardholders is simple, with the specifications of a name, credit card number and expiry date. To ensure the security of the cardholder’s personal information, credit card companies have developed complementary systems such as MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa. These systems enable consumers to create passwords and use them during online transactions. Debit cards are suitable for micropayments as their usage is low-cost. Mobile Payments Mobile app payments offer more convenience, low transaction fees and maximum security. This payment solution has helped companies to gather useful data about their consumers through their purchases. It is suitable for micropayments both offline and online. This payment option is valuable for online merchants, especially because mobile phones have a vast user base. The major advantages of mobile app payments include location-free access, a variety of purchase options, an easy alternative to cash payments and timely contact with one’s financial resources. Another important reason for its compatibility is the flexibility that the system offers. This payment solution can be processed in a contactless manner witha singleclick rather than having to stand in long queues. The device authentication procedure adds to the security of each payment. Mobile Wallets Mobile wallets are basically smartphones functioning like leather wallet. It can include digital coupons, digital money, digital cards and digital receipts. This service can be used by installing payment applications from online stores on a smartphone and using them to pay for offline and online purchases. The latest technologies that connect smartphones to the physical world, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), sound waves, QR codes, and cloud-based solutions, make mobile wallets a convenient online payment solution for future consumers. Electronic Cash Presently, smart card-based systems are the most commonly used payment options, especially for small amounts. Smart cards rely on a card reader for their use and authentication for safety purposes. In addition to the smart card-based system, numerous other electronic cash systems have been developed. These electronic systems work with the use of pre-paid cards or digital tokens that have a certain value and can be exchanged for hard cash. Do you want to incorporate mobile payments in your e-commerce site? Contact a leading online payment provider in Vietnam!
Blockchain technology and Bitcoin, in particular, is on track to change the financial landscape forever. Bitcoin already has made a huge positive impact in the global payments industry. Many big companies accept Bitcoin for their goods as a legitimate, valuable currency. Though still in its nascent stage, more and more individuals are able to fathom what this blockchain technology is capable of in terms of cheap and fast cross-border payments. How to Accept Crypto Payments? There are a number of ways for a merchant to start accepting cryptocurrencies for his business. Some methods are elaborate and allow space for customization, while others are simple and require very little effort. Below are four ways. Module Integration Module integration is the easiest and most flexible option that is ready to go by integrating a plug-in via the preferred e-commerce platform. Installing a cryptocurrency payment plug-in is not very difficult at all. You can download it directly from the website, upload the module to your website and set up API credentials, which is provided by the crypto payment gateway provider automatically. Once setup, choose the currency you want to receive your payments in, and you are good to go. Point of Sale The next is the ‘point of sale’. Merchants have the flexibility to integrate cryptocurrency with point-of-sale apps. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the merchant can accept crypto payments on the go. They work on both Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers. Other than that, the merchant is also capable of connecting as many PoS devices to his cryptocurrency payment gateway account as he requires. Some PoS systems are able to accept more than one cryptocurrency. Some payment gateways also provide merchants to convert crypto payments to the local currency, which can be sent to the bank account immediately after conversion. Connect with API Merchants who have access to somebody with technical knowledge can also opt for API, which is the most customizable solution of all. The API is capable of processing cryptocurrency payments on virtually any website from the point of checkout till settlement. API works in a similar fashion as other integration options by providing a Bitcoin address and QR code to finalize the payment. You need to implement its code in a website to get the API to work, which may be a bit challenging to a merchant, which is why technical developer skills are critical. When using crypto payment gateways, merchants who use the payment API can manage and track orders easily. Similar to other options, the collected funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or a personal Bitcoin address. Use the Payments Button This is a fairly simple yet customizable solution to accept cryptocurrency payments. It is as simple as copying and pasting a line of code into your website. You can, to some degree, easily adjust the function of the button to suit your business needs. For example, you can set up the button to charge only one single amount or in other cases, the button can include a slide that allows users to choose minimum and maximum amounts. Button window title, description background picture, logo and colours are customizable. Some of the top cryptocurrency payment gateways provide users with some additional features such as notifications for receiving payments or custom information fields for shoppers to fill out. Before getting into any cryptocurrency payment integration, the merchant is required to create an account with a crypto payment gateway and verify it. All merchants must be compliant with regulatory requirements. Now that you are aware of the cryptocurrency implementation methods choose a payment gateway that will satisfy the needs of both the merchant and the customer.
Looking to improve your B2B commerce strategy? Southeast Asia’s online payments open the doors for businesses looking to grab bigger opportunities in B2B sales. This type of payment processing allows B2B merchants to meet the expectations of their business customers with flexibility. Availability of More Data Processing online transactions provide more information about a payment compared to usual invoicing using checks. With relevant and meaningful information about your customers, you can protect the payments you process and improve your marketing strategy. By enlisting the help of payment gateway providers for level 2 and level 3 B2B processing, you can gather additional information, such as sales tax amount, zip code, tax amount and ID, team commodity code and more. As a B2B customer, you can be assured that your payment information is secure and will not be misused in any way. To a large extent, you can reduce the interchange fees that come with payment processing. Volume purchases work well for B2B customers under these parameters. Autofill technology meets the data requirements of level 2 and level 3 processing, so you’ll get the lowest possible rates for accepting credit cards. Enhanced security features also come as a welcome relief for B2B merchants. Capture Maximum Potential Customers An online mode of payment allows you to market and ship to any place in the country and around the world. Why restrict your sales to a particular region when you canenjoy B2B saleson any device, anywhere and anytime? Now you can cater to demands from any part of the world and get maximum potential sales and drastically improve your returns. One constant aspect that customers give importance to is the security of their payments. Online transactions are reliable and have robust security standards. Customers can manually enter in details and confirmthe payment through password, PIN, ID or finger touch. This maintains a frictionless and secure transaction experience. Offer Multiple Payment Options Payment gateway providers offer a wide range of reliable payment options at competitive rates. These technologically based solutions offer customers a comfortable and familiar payment option, removes any payment obstacles and ensures a frictionless transaction experience. This strengthens customer loyalty. Likewise, Southeast Asia’s online payments prove to be a superior optionwhen compared to old-fashioned methods of sending procurement officers or sending emails for purchases. Simplified and Efficient Payment B2B merchants can easily set up recurring billings and instalment payments. While processing your payment, your accounting software streamlines all your administrative processes. This automates your business functions and saves labour and cost, which otherwise would be an extra burden. This makes the procurement experience easy for B2B customers. Further, customers can save time and money by purchasing from a trusted vendor online. You can download the print receipt after each payment and also save payment details so that you do not have to re-enter them the next time. Improved Customer Satisfaction Customer service is an important component of B2B sales. Customers have a wide selection of goods and services from which they can choose. By giving them the option of paying online, you make payments easy, flexible and simple for both new and current customers. When you don’t meet customer needs, they will tend to go elsewhere, probably to your competitor. Thus, by partnering with a payment gateway provider, who is an expert in providing technical support, you can focus on other important aspects of customer service. It is important to remember that your revenue is directly proportional to your customer’s satisfaction. Partner with a payment gateway provider and expand your business payment options for better profitability in the long run.
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Are you looking for online payment solutions in Thailand? The good news is that there are several options available which can significantly boost your business and your bottom line. To get started, let’s look at what is online payment processing. This happens when a customer makes a purchase and presents card either physically, over the phone or through an ecommerce site. The bank information is processed, and payment is made through a payment processor. In order to augment your business and make it more profitable, it is essential to look at your payment strategy. Choosing the best payment strategy for your business is important. Here are some tips to help with that: More Than Credit Cards There are online payment solutions these days and hence you can expect the customer to use payment methods other than credit or debit cards. Today, there are various methods of payment. Make sure that your payment processing partner should be able to process these payments efficiently. Some of the essential payment methods are: • Credit/debit: These are the most common modes of payment. • Contactless payment: This method does not need the customer to swipe or dip their card. It uses near field communication to read the customer’s card. • EMV chips: All new cards compulsorily have these EMV chips installed in them. • Split checks: These are very helpful in restaurants when the customers want to split their payments. Credit Fraud There are different methods of fraud that can affect your business. Some of them are identity theft, credit card fraud and refund fraud. When considering online payment solutions in Thailand or elsewhere, you need to make sure that you have trustworthy security systems in place. Some security measures to have in place are CVV verification, address verification, etc. Keep the System Updated It is important to keep your system up to date with the latest technology so that it does not unnecessarily reject a payment. Choose an Effective Payment Processing System It is equally essential to find the right payment processor for your business. Your payment processor should be easy to use for your staff and should be able to allow transactions whether in person or online. Manage Customer Data/Information All transactions provide some information about the customer, for example, what they like to shop for etc. Hence, it is important to collect, organize and analyze these points and patterns. These can help you in better decision making. There are numerous online payment solutions available these days, but it is important to do your research and choose the best one for you. Work with reputed service providers who are familiar with your business niche and are ready to help you grow the business.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant businesses all over have taken a huge hit. The major setback for restaurants has been in terms of being forced to shut down their dine-in option. This decision was taken to adhere to the social distancing protocols and other restrictions on public gatherings placed by governments in different countries across the world. Restaurants in Southeast Asia have faced the brunt of this situation with devastating effects on their business. How Can Your Restaurant Survive? Customers are moving towards mobile app payment for all purchases. This is safe and convenient given the quick spread of the COVID-19 virus from person to person. If you are a restaurant owner in Vietnam, you must take some proactive steps in order to survive and thrive during these unprecedented times. Small local restaurants and businesses are the ones most affected by the current pandemic situation. Your business should be able to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of your customers during this economic crisis. Steps for Restaurants to Adapt to the Economic Changes in Southeast Asia Below are some steps you can take to overcome the challenges and get your restaurant business back on track. 1. Contactless Payment: The first step is to enable your restaurant to accept contactless payments. For this, you will need to tie up with an online payment provider in Vietnam. This will help you to continue serving your customers safely. 2. Food Delivery: Your restaurant should move from providing only dine-in facility to take-away, home-delivery as well as curbside pickup by customers. You should create an order-ahead process through virtual terminals. For all these options, mobile app payment should be the preferred mode to collect payment from the customers. 3. CDC Updates: Follow all the guidelines laid down by the CDC so that your employees and your customers are protected. The rules set by the CDC will change from time to time depending on the virus load in Vietnam. It will be good for you to review the guidelines from time to time to make sure that you do not miss out on any business opportunities. You may be able to have a limited number of customers who can be seated at one time at the restaurant as the COVID-19 situation evolves. 4. Maintain Communication with Your Customers: Many restaurants have shut down in this pandemic season either for the time being or permanently. It is important to communicate with your customers that your restaurant is still open for business and that mobile app payment option is available for them to facilitate easy payment. You can do this through social media channels, email communication and other advertising methods. Frequent communication with your regular customers directly with details of operating hours will ensure that there is a steady flow of business. Customers must be made aware of the safety measures you have taken so that they feel safe and comfortable ordering from your restaurant. This includes information regarding food safety and cleaning practices implemented as well as logging temperature details of all restaurant employees and delivery staff. There is a huge surge in demand for online payment providers in Vietnam currently owing to the need to facilitate contactless payment options for restaurant customers. This is a critical factor to consider and adopt to ensure you are following ethical business practices. Many restaurants that have switched to mobile app payment and quickly adopted other safety measures have managed to get their business up and running to pre-COVID levels. So, go ahead and give your restaurant a new lease of life with these tips.
The world as we know it has changed forever with the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus. One of the biggest changes that have emerged from this pandemic situation globally is the need to avoid direct as well as indirect contact with people and maintain social distancing as much as possible. This is applicable for every activity we do including shopping and making payments. What Change has This Caused in Consumer Behavior? Consumers now prefer to shop online for all their needs as it poses fewer risks. The convenience of e-commerce shopping is more than the lure of stepping out of your home and shopping. This has led to a much higher numbers of contactless payments made through various payment gateway providers especially in Southeast Asia as well as other parts of the world. These payments are made through e-wallets and credit or debit cards that are contactless-enabled. The current pandemic has accelerated consumers in Asia switching to modern payment methods using Southeast Asia online payment gateways. As a business owner of a large or small enterprise, you may be wondering if this behavior and trend will continue even after the pandemic dies down. Planning in advance and taking the necessary steps will help you be prepared and stay ahead of the competition once the economy reopens. What Steps Can You Take for Your Business to Handle This Economic Shift? The younger generation is generally tech-savvy and prefers to use e-wallets and newer payment methods that go through secure payment gateway providers for their online transactions. But with the COVID-19 condition prevailing, a consumer survey conducted shows that most consumers around the globe will switch completely to contactless payment methods during the course of this pandemic and stick with it thereafter once they realize the conveniences it offers. There has already been a significant growth of contactless payments in Southeast Asia observed over the last year. Payments that require a consumer to type in a PIN or sign a receipt at the end of a transaction requires some amount of contact. Signing up with a Southeast Asia online payment gateway provider can help your business align with the practice of maintaining social distance. Having this service can boost your business in this rapidly evolving economy. So, as a business merchant, you can certainly benefit from providing alternate payment methods to your customers by choosing the best payment gateway providers. Safety of data during transactions should be your top priority when choosing a service provider as there are always chances of fraud by hackers and thieves during the payment process. Contactless Payment Growth Most card providers set a limit on the amount that can be used for purchases in a day. If a customer exceeds this limit, then further authentication may be requested which will need the physical presence of the customer. These limits may vary from card to card and even from one country to another. But in the current scenario, these limits are being increased by companies like Mastercard and Visa to qualify people to make more purchases. There are security risks associated with contactless payments. Increased transaction limits can lead to increased fraud. Steps must be taken by you as a business merchant to address these security risks and provide a safe payment platform for your customers. The payment gateway providers should use encryption technology and tokenization to verify online purchases. There should also be a process set up to resolve chargebacks and dispute them if necessary. Consumers are also doing their part in protecting their dataduring contactless transaction by using biometrics for authentication. So, go ahead and take measures for your business to accept contactless payments in Southeast Asia. This will ensure that your business will be able to meet consumer demand and expectations at any given time.
Using a cryptocurrency payment gateway is a quick and secure mode of receiving or making online payments. It is becoming increasingly popular these days in our fast-paced technologically advanced society. Cryptocurrency is cost-effective and convenient compared to traditional payment methods. With cryptocurrency, you can reduce chargeback risk as payments made cannot be reversed. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a virtual or a digital form of currency which works through a distributed ledger technology. This computerized blockchain is used as a public financial database for all crypto transactions. They are typically implemented using decentralized control. The database uses powerful cryptography to ensure all transaction records are secure, to control the minting of coins and also to verify coin ownership transfer from one person to another. What is Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway? A crypto payment gateway is an intermediary facility created for payments between a customer and a business. This service or gateway facilitates payments made using digital assets such as Bitcoins. The gateway typically is powered by blockchain technology which makes the gateway efficient and trustworthy. The technology reduces the need for human intervention and allows the addition of multiple security layers. Advantages of Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments By accepting cryptocurrency through a crypto payment gateway, your business can have a global reach with customers located anywhere in the world. This is the one of the best solutions for your business to receive as well as send payments worldwide. A cryptocurrency payment gateway manages to reduce fraud and chargebacks and charges a very minimal amount on transactions as commission percentage. Since there are no third parties involved in such transactions, payments are quick and transaction data is confidential. Looking from a long-term perspective, it can be really good for the growth of your business as you can maintain your own asset reserve without a third party. This works as a unique business investment option not offered by any other mode of payment currently. Factors to Consider while Choosing a Crypto Gateway As a business merchant, if you are accepting cryptocurrency, it is critical for you to choose the right cryptocurrency payment gateway. Here are some points to consider: • Your chosen gateway service should first and foremost be highly secure and reliable. Information of the user and the transactions should be efficiently protected at all times. • The gateway should allow the exchange of all types of cryptocurrency • There should be a two-factor authentication system before payment transactions are completed to ensure maximum security. • The service provider should have 24/7 support system in place to assist customers around the world. The support executives should also be able to speak multiple languages as this will be a huge advantage when dealing with various customers. First Transaction Using the Crypto Gateway After choosing your crypto payment gateway service provider, you must register your business and open a cryptocurrency wallet on your website. Once you login to your account, a verification process will be done for the first time. You will need to provide details of the amount and the kind of cryptocurrency that will be accepted. The system will process the details and get the cryptocurrency as soon as possible. There are several leading cryptocurrency payment gateways in the market today. These platforms will be able to accept the commonly used digital assets which are used globally by crypto fans. This short guide has hopefully provided some knowledge on how to choose the best payment gateway provider and work better with cryptocurrencies to make transactions more profitable and secure as well as reliable for your customers. If you want to integrate this form of payment into your business, get in touch with reputed payment processing firms in the industry.
Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia with high penetration of mobile devices, which is close to 70% of its 107 million population. Payment solutions in the Philippines cater not only to those who have mobile and online banking access, but also to unbanked Filipinos. Top payment gateway providers in the Philippines serve as the middleman who bridges the gap between merchants and their clients. They aim to provide the most convenient way and widely used payment solution in the Philippine market. Digital Payment Solution • Support 14 major banks  • Allow merchants to accept payments online with digital payment platforms   • Support over-the-counter deposits to retail partners through alternative payment solutions Not Restricted by Space and Time Providers that offer top-notch payment solutions are aware that businesses in the Philippines prefer e-commerce since it provides them a much larger reach compared to the limitations of a physical store. Using digital innovation, they offer multinational, cross-border payments, lower operational costs, customized settlement solutions, and greater revenue. Customers from anywhere can shop and make purchases online without compromising on quality and comfort. Online business brings the world to your doorstep, and all you need is a good online payment gateway in the Philippines and an internet connection. E-commerce also functions all day and all year, which ensures that your company’s products and services remain accessible and open at all times to your customers.  Guaranteed Lower Costs and Better Customer Service When you have a physical store, you need to pay for space, the rentals, the infrastructure, the overheads, the salaries, and the equipment. Now you can easily invest in a web-based operations management system to monitor and control the process. Choose services that do not just stop with payment solutions and verification, but one that also includes strategic business innovation as well.  E-Marketing and Websites For your online business, technology is integrated into your payment solutions to analyze data such as customer behavior and buying patterns. This will help businesses improve their customized ad marketing strategies across several platforms. It is understood that a well-designed website should have unique features, designs, and functions to stand out. The products and services must be well cataloged so that it is user friendly and efficient. Incorporating a reputed online payment gateway in the Philippines to facilitate e payments is essential.  How to Make Your E-commerce Website Effective? The first thing you need to establish is your business USP. What makes your brand different? What can you distinctly offer your customers? The next thing is to keep your website simple and clutter-free. Ensure that the design provides the customer with a good user experience and choose a CRM system that matches with the e-features that you are going to incorporate. Include features like the shopping cart, customer service portal, and product listing. Incorporate different elements on your website to boost sales and conversions. Finally, do not forget to market your website and strategically monitor web analytics to improve and grow the business.