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After successfully empowering enormous number of online businesses across geographies with its efficient and sophisticated payment gateway solutions, Payment Asia enables online businesses with Ecommerce solutions which includes shopping carts, payment integration and many other resources. The Ecommerce Edge Ecommerce has largely shifted the focus of consumers from traditional physical shopping to online shopping. Big players within the Ecommerce realm like Amazon and eBay have already proven to the world the power and success of utilizing Ecommerce and now, SMEs are routing towards using the Ecommerce model given it is more affordable, reliable and user friendly. For example, The Shopping Cart function is easy to use and to maintain, giving consumers a direct pathway from selecting items to checkout and merchants a great way to manage its sales and relevant payments. Top Shopping Carts Available for your Business There are many successfully established Ecommerce shopping carts available for SMEs. Some of them are Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Woo Commerce, osCommerce, ecshop and shopex. These Shopping carts have helped millions of businesses to establish their Ecommerce store which in-turn gave them high revenues and sales. Shopping Carts can be easily implemented on your existing website to make it an Ecommerce platform which is highly useful in creating new avenues for your business. USPs of Shopping Carts Payment Asia carried out intensive research on Ecommerce frameworks and selected best shopping carts for SMEs. 1) Magento: It is a highly popular Ecommerce platform with excellent features like HTML5, PHP 5.5x, jQuery, Full page caching and additional Magento performance kit for better optimization of website. 2) Opencart: It is deemed to be the best yet, with new features including a new modification manager, tracking codes, Multiple payment methods, Multi-Language, and a responsive default theme. 3) PrestaShop: It is an open source ecommerce platform that users can have hosted in the cloud or downloaded from it’s website with features like eCommerce SEO, over 50 world-class payment solutions and gateways support and powerful set of integrations. 4) BigCommerce: It is one of the most reliable Ecommerce platforms available. It is highly customizable, only ecommerce platform with PayPal One Touch and Access to hundreds of apps and integrations. 5) WooCommerce: It is one of the most sought after Ecommerce solutions for small businesses. WordPress Support, Easy migration, Support unlimited products and Highly affordable. 6) OsCommerce: OsCommerce is one of the most comprehensive and popular open source Shopping Cart system in existence. It is compatible with all PHP versions, multilingual support, Object oriented backend, Secure transactions with SSL, accept numerous payment options 7) Shopex: Shopex's Cart2Cart integration enables merchants to enter the world of cross border ecommerce at no risk. Its main USP is Quick Set Up, International Payment Methods, and safety from charge backs and frauds Endless Benefits of the Shopping Cart 1) Multiple Payment Mode Compatibility: Shopping carts allow merchants to accept payments in various modes whether it is by Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery. 2) Digital Product Storage and Delivery Systems: Shopping carts allow consumers to do seamless shopping on a merchant’s website and allow merchants to efficiently manage inventory as well delivery process. 3) Tracking Sales Trends and Visitor Patterns: With options for analytics, merchants can track consumer behavior as well as track sales. It also helps in forecasting demand and analyzing the success of any particular merchandise. 4)  Improved Product Management: In the era of technology, Ecommerce solutions are allowing merchants to manage their warehouses as well as inventory efficiently. Why Ecommerce Platform? Payment Asia provides reliable and robust solutions which are highly recommended for SMEs. Ecommerce platforms are mobile and SEO friendly, which can easily attract more visitors, eventually leading them to become consumers.  As technology continues to advance, Ecommerce platforms are no longer sitting the backseat, but theynow drive as the preference for SMEs and allow merchants to successfully establish an online store without any hassle and provide for a new revenue stream in a cost-efficient way. There are infinite customization options available when designing an Ecommerce store and best part is there is multiple language and currency support. This feature ensures cross border customers to gain access to your store. Why Payment Asia? SMEs can now grow their business easily and affordably with the help of Payment Asia. Ecommerce platforms serve as the solution you need to fuel your business and to commence attracting a wider scope of revenues. Payment Asia can help with creating an online store, making the process easier than ever and not to mention reliable as Payment Asia will be with you the whole way. As a one of the leading players of providing Ecommerce platforms, Payment Asia has put in place protective measures to ensure the security of funds and ensures that all solutions being provided are safe. About Payment Asia Payment Asia is a payment service provider which is specialized in electronic payment solutions. We are experts in providing reliable and productive payment solutions for merchants. Payment Asia provides merchants with a comprehensive business payment solution that is cost-effective, and can simplify real-time process of various payment options such as credit card, debit card, and mobile payment.
A couple years ago, our IT team with increasing stability and security in mind, decided the implementation of Amazon’s Web Service. As a result, in early 2016, most of our services had gone through successful transition and had achieved significant reduction in hardware and networking malfunction downtime to approximately zero.
Payment Asia, the East Asia’s leading online payment solutions provider, is offering a 3-month FREE Digital Marketing Trial (worth HKD$5,000) to all new joiners.
Payment Asia adds FPX payments solution to its bouquet of services. FPX is a game changer to payment services which enables consumer to transfer funds to seller with ease and efficiency.
The invention of the blockchain made Bitcoin the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. It is revolutionizing the complete digital payment industry.
China Union Pay mobile payment disrupts online payment scenario in China and neighboring countries.
Payment Asia adds WeChat Pay to its umbrella of payment services. With a move to increase their stronghold in Asia. Payment Asia adds another innovative payment method into their bouquet of online payment services.
Payment Asia, Asia’s leading payment service company has announced rolling out of CUP (China Union Pay) Mobile Payment service in December.