Top Questions to Ask Your Online Payment Service Provider

Top Questions to Ask Your Online Payment Service Provider

Are you on a search for a suitable online payment provider in Vietnam for your business? It is important to ask important questions to ensure that you choose an online payment provider that provides a hassle-free gateway provider and creates any payment scenario you wish in the simplest, fastest and easiest manner. Here are five questions you can ask an online payment provider:

What Are the Features Offered?

If you wish to attract as many customers as possible, it is important to choose a payment provider that offers a variety of flexible payment options such as credit cards, mobile wallets, mobile payments and debit cards. Also, make sure you choose an online payment provider that can be accessed globally. In this way, you can attract overseas customers and eventually this will lead to an exponential growth in your business. In order for this to happen, the online payment services you choose must have a bandwidth that can support worldwide transactions through multi-currency conversions.

What Is the Cost and Pricing?

Leveraging the services of an e-payment provider comes with some sort of fees. These prices will vary depending on your business and the transaction type you are going to be carrying out. The cost of availing the service of a payment gateway provider includes set-up fees and fee on every transaction made on your business website. Few online payment providers charge an annual maintenance fee. Compare the prices and features of different payment providers and then choose the payment provider that is the best fit for your business needs.

Do They Provide a User-friendly Interface?

It is crucial to choose an online payment service provider that can provide its customers with a seamless user interface. A quick and easy checkout process also means that the customers will have a smooth online shopping experience. On the other hand, a tedious checkout process will only end up in you losing valuable customers. Hence, optimize your checkout page to maximize the usability of your payment gateway.

Will Your Payment Data Be Secure?

Make sure the payment provider you choose is PCI compliant. The PCI is a set of worldwide regulations that every payment gateway provide must follow to ensure payment data and information is secure. An e-payment technology such as tokenization plays a role in enhancing the payment security of a user and prevents any potential hacks and vulnerabilities during a transaction. Tokens replace the confidential information you key in on these gateways with a random string of characters to protect your data. Choose a reliable payment provider to ensure safe and secure online transactions.

What Are the Merchant Account Options Offered?

A merchant account is an additional layer of security that payment providers offer their customers. A merchant account is where the money from a customer’s account is temporarily transferred during a transaction till it gets approved from the customer’s processing bank. After approval, the money gets transferred into the seller’s account. Choose a payment provider that offers a merchant account for extra security.

Select an easily integrated online payment provider in Vietnam into your e-payment technology to best suit your business needs and can provide a seamless online shopping experience.