The Technical Side of a Payment Service Provider that You Need to Know

Setting up a business can be quite confusing especially when it comes to implementing a payment system. It is especially important to choose the right partner to ensure the smooth functioning of the system which is cost-effective and one that ensures a good conversion. Before getting into the technical side, let us first see what exactly a payment service provider is.

A payment service provider (PSP) acts as an alternative between the consumers and the suppliers and helps simplify transactions, while at the same helps connect merchants and various financial institutions, consumers and card brand networks. There are various methods of online payment services that can be used. The service providers are very flexible and a great alternative to the traditional merchant accounts. It allows you to explore various options and at the same time gives you the freedom to change your service whenever necessary. To choose the right kind of service provider for your business, here are a few technical aspects that you may need to consider.

  1. Locale

Will your business be addressing the locals, or would you want to expand your business globally in the near future? Different payment service providers provide different features and hence based on the type of goods and services that you would sell; you could choose either a local service provider or a global one.

  1. Mobility

Most consumers would appreciate simple and efficient solutions and hence it is always better to choose a payment service provider that offers an easy check-out option, one that is easily able to adapt to mobile mediums.

  1. Compatibility

A payment service provider that is compatible with the various online payment services would be preferred. Make a note of the various modules that the service provider offers. A service provider is one that offers redirecting and API connections that would benefit your business.

  1. Security

One of the most important aspects that need to be considered is how secure the payment service provider is to reduce the risk of fraud. Most payment service providers are required to follow certain security standards like PCI-DSS and other regulations. While choosing your service provider make sure they are certified and follow the required security protocols.

  1. Varying fees

Most payment service providers have varying fees, depending on the number of transactions and sales revenues. There could also be cancellation fees, set up fees, or even some monthly charges. Hence it is important to analyze all these aspects before choosing the right PSP.

  1. Choosing only the services you require

There are a whole lot of services that may be provided which you may not really make use of. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what services you would exactly need. This would save you a lot of costs and also help you to choose a payment service provider that provides the maximum services that you need.


Although choosing the right service provider may be confusing, knowing the specifics of each PSP would help you choose the best for your business needs.