The Hong Kong Book Fair 2019

An event was organized where we tagged along AlipayHK ( and Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This event was about the experiential marketing of our brand and services through promotional events. During the book fair, we showed how we use technology to transfer traditional business to something more mobile-oriented so that we give extra value to the merchants for their business. We also showed how our customers can get e-tickets.

In the past, people sold physical tickets but now things are changing and people prefer e-tickets. That is why we also showed that we are developing e-tickets that can be used in platforms like AlipayHK. This means you just open the AlipayHK App, then click the fill-in button and buy tickets. After you get a ticket, you will be sent a coupon or a QR code for safety reasons, this service is for the public. But for the merchant, they sign up for our service, and we will provide a smart device for further procedures. In the fair, we also showed how customers can buy a book and pay through online payment gateway using the QR code. This avoids the trouble of carrying liquid cash.