The Future of E-Commerce and Online Payment Solutions

As technology evolves so do payment trends and therefore the opportunity this field presents is enormous.  Take a look at some of the big payment developments taking place in 2020.


Seamless Customer Experience

Customer experience is a priority in today’s business world and one of the ideal ways to achieve it is to provide a smooth and invisible payment process.  From customer information to automatic subscriptions or charges, the way forward is to have frictionless payment options embedded into applications through specific software.


More Businesses Will Become Digital

More and more businesses are leaning towards incorporating easier online payment technology trends to ease the process for the customer.  There is also a need to keep up with the growing demand for increased digitisation and a huge generation that was born with the internet.  The younger generation has proven to contribute to nearly 40% of payments in some form or the other and so many of the unlikely businesses are looking to shift to e-commerce to engage with this customer base.


Digital Invoicing and Cross Border E-commerce

Digitisation does not just pertain to payments but also to activities such as invoicing or billing.  Traditional methods of accounting are more expensive, slower, and prone to errors.  Digitisation on the other hand is beneficial to both customers and business owners since it is quick, accurate, and seamless.  Businesses can now cross borders both nationally and internationally with payment alliances and e-commerce payment solutions.


Better Security with AI

Keeping data safe and secure will be a constant challenge but the use of AI has helped businesses to monitor and prevent frauds and thefts online.  AI uses effective strategies to make faster decisions and better transactions.  It also has the ability to sort through fraudulent activities and reject them as well as anticipate emerging fraud by analyzing patterns or anomalies in the business system.


Increase in Business Regulations

Online fraud can invade areas such as expiration date, email addresses, credit card numbers as well as zip codes.  Fraud data can be used to solve high-level complex problems and protect both the consumer and the business.  Newer regulations are evolving and adapting to the changing trends to ensure that e-commerce payment solutions are transparent, efficient, and well-protected.


Simplified Payment Options

Businesses now understand the need to provide an all-in-one online payment technology to manage their accounts and provide the best customer experience.  These forms of payment are flexible and wide in terms of coverage and make the entire process simple and straight forward.