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The Ecommerce Payment Solutions

It is important to realize that online store merchants need the most sophisticated e-Commerce payment solutions. When people browse online shops they expect well-presented goods, qualified services, and better online payment methods. This is where Payment Asia comes in as an expert in providing comprehensive eCommerce payment solutions to various kinds of enterprises, assisting merchants to catch the wave of technological development. Its products and services can be simply categorized into Payment Solutions, Payment Gateway & Integration, and Artificial Intelligence.

A Q&A Session with Harvey Chan, Business Development Director of Payment Asia Services Limited

Do you feel the US online market is different from China?

Yes, if you think about the US market where you are selling your products online you will need to go for pay-per-click, buying keywords on Google and bring traffic to your online shop. But in China it is completely different; here you need to buy some on-site traffic for your online shop.

Can you tell us something about payment gateways and mobile commerce in China?

In China, mobile commerce is very high and payment gateways are present in almost every single phone used by the Chinese. We already provide online services, product shifting, and customer services. After all this process the final step is to pay. Many customers paid us through other payment gateways. I then realized why don’t I make a payment gateway myself, since I already provide all the previously mentioned services, the only thing that was missing is the payment platform. So that is when I decided to go for Payment Asia.

How did you expand your company and its offerings over the year?

We want to do something niche, so we invested in technology such as e-commerce technology, digital marketing technology, and data analysis technology. Through this, we can give better solutions to all our customers.

When it comes to online businesses, traffic plays a major role and that is why we also offer digital marketing services. Through data analysis, we make sure we provide better services for our customers even in the future. We have also developed connections with e-Commerce logistics.

Who is your target audience?

According to us, our business is a great generator for a much bigger picture in the future for merchants and my clients. A lot of merchants and clients of mine come from China like AlipayHK, which is the first company that offers mobile payment in China. Hong Kong is also approaching the mobile payment market like the Chinese. We believe we can expand in Hong Kong and China as the perfect Chinese solution. We’re going to test our solutions in Hong Kong and with that, we will learn different test systems and legal systems. After that, we will provide this service to other countries. This is our mission in terms of mobile commerce or mobile payment.

How successful was our marketing campaign roll on at Book Fair 2019? Share the experience.

An event was organized where we tagged along AlipayHK ( and Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This event was about the experiential marketing of our brand and services through promotional events. During the book fair, we showed how we use technology to transfer traditional business to something more mobile-oriented so that we give extra value to the merchants for their business. We also showed how our customers can get e-tickets.

In the past, people sold physical tickets but now things are changing and people prefer e-tickets. That is why we also showed that we are developing e-tickets that can be used in platforms like AlipayHK. This means you just open the AlipayHK App, then click the fill-in button and buy tickets. After you get a ticket, you will be sent a coupon or a QR code for safety reasons, this service is for the public. But for the merchant, they sign up for our service, and we will provide a smart device for further procedures. In the fair, we also showed how customers can buy a book and pay through online payment gateway using the QR code. This avoids the trouble of carrying liquid cash.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your customers?

There are 4 ECO systems: Marketing, Social Listening, Customer Service and Technology. Within this ecosystem, many merchants come to us and tell us that our solutions are quite wonderful to use. They are happy about the fact that they don’t have to undergo the trouble of hunting down various companies that provide the above-mentioned services because we provide all those services in a single roof.

This is a very typical case of our business model today to setup a scenery for the merchants in order to generate sales for them both online and offline with our payment technology.

Where do you see you and your company from a couple of years from now?

The world is changing every day. Where every day we see something new popping out. With the current market trend likely Crypto and Blockchain will be the future ahead. With Payment Asia today, we have already implemented blockchain in our own payment platform, and we are now getting ready for the rise on some up and coming cryptocurrency such as Libra by Facebook. A very exciting moment for the payment industry globally!

“Being a renowned and reliable eCommerce payment solution provider for merchants, we offer scalable and tailor-made eCommerce payment solutions with a short settlement period and competitive rates. We are also proud of providing 24/7 customer service and technical support for years.”