Payment Asia: Providing The Most Secure One Stop E-Payment Solutions

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Digitization has changed the world drastically over the years. Increasing consumer demand and the changing market scenario is leading to significant technological advances. In the last few decades, due to the widespread internet-based banking and shopping, one system has grown rapidly, i.e. the electronic payment system. Generally, it refers to carrying out transactions through an electronic medium without the use of checks or cash. Due to the benefits like complete payment flexibility, lower operational costs, secure payments, faster and easier service, it has gained ground within a very short period of time. Presently, there are numerous payment systems and payment processing devices around the world; however, there are very few electronic payment service providers in Asia that are secure and have a global reach.

Established in 1999, Payment Asia is one of the leading e-payment technology and e-Commerce management companies in Asia specializing in offering the most secure and innovative technology for online and mobile payment solutions to domestic as well as global businesses. The company plays a vital role, leading Asian merchants to go global while bringing international merchants to Asia through its services.

Comprehensive and Reliable e-Payment Solutions

Payment Asia is committed to providing innovative online payment technology and e-payment solutions. A wide range of strategies and solutions developed to cater to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as to multinational corporations across Asia. The services provided by the company span from Omnichannel Payment Solutions, Mobile Payment Solutions, Payment Gateway, down to technical and customer service support. These services use payment processing methods such as credit card, debit card, e-wallet, and China Union Pay.

Over the past decade, Payment Asia has transformed its business by comprising digital marketing, e-commerce consulting, and e-logistics businesses. Furthermore, the company is also integrating Artificial Intelligence technology into its services to ensure its clients can stay ahead of the competitive business market. With the rapid development and concerted efforts of its experienced consultants, the company has served more than 5000 domestic and foreign merchants and it continues to exceed the client’s demands.

Magnifying the Merchant’s Business Potential

E-commerce has become a part of almost everyone’s daily life. Thus, Payment Asia aims to maximize the e-commerce experience and further enhance such experience in the strategies it offers. Collaborating closely with its merchants, the vision and roadmap of the company are to successfully help these merchants adapt to business changes through their online/offline business ecosystem. Initially, Payment Asia generates traffic through online social media and through client engagement modules. It is then converted into sales by its payment gateway. Such sales and payment transactions lead to generating data analytics, to create loyalty and tailored re-targeting of the audience. In this way, the company manages to maximize the merchant’s business potential and provides digital advantages to the merchant.

Creative and Out-of-the-Box-Approach 

The world is changing at a rapid pace and every day new startups are intensifying the existing rigorous competition in the market. To survive in this competition and stand out from its competitors, Payment Asia emphasizes on client satisfaction. The company listens to merchants to fulfill their requirements and achieve growth hand-in-hand with them. Payment Asia has its own digital/data-driven marketing team that works closely with the merchants and helps them in their sales and marketing along with the payment processing.

The company believes in teamwork and maintains strong team spirit within the company as well as with the merchants as it considers merchants as a part of its team. The company encourages creative and out-of-the-box thinking and always promotes new ideas. Along with teamwork and creativity, dedication and humbleness are the two pillars on which the company has served over the years. Payment Asia is not just a service provider; it is a life-time business partner for its clients.

Transitions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The rigorous outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the market upside down. Businesses around the world are under the pump due to decreased production, sales, and reduced demands. Most people are experiencing massive changes in their daily lives. The company is constantly adapting in these uncertain times and knows what it takes – from strategies to implementations – to come out of these situations, stronger than before. However, Payment Asia is no stranger to such a situation. About 17 years ago, the outbreak of the SARS affected the citizens of Hong Kong, and having established in 1999, Payment Asia has the experience of participating in the transformation of an old business model to the new commerce era. Now, history repeats itself. The company has not bogged down as they very well know what it takes to come out of these situations.

Crisis creates Opportunities

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are severe and unimaginable under normal circumstances. The pandemic has brought significant changes in people’s lifestyles and these changes are expected to be long-lasting. The public is grappling with new ways of living and working, and it is expected that after the pandemic, a “new normal” may mean demand for some parts of the industry such as the ‘shop fronts’ or ‘physical services’ is expected to reduce heavily. Thus, the economic model of developer hegemony confronts a big challenge.

Payment Asia is thoroughly prepared to combat the confronting situation. It will assist different industries and businesses to speed up their digital transformation process. Furthermore, the company will support its merchants by offering them the one-stop solutions to leverage Data, Digital, Payment, and AI technology into their businesses in order to emerge stronger and stand taller in this critical situation.