Payment Asia Partners With FGA Trust to Provide Digital Asset Custodial Service

Payment Asia, the leading Hong Kong payment solution provider, is now providing digital asset custodial service with traditional corporate treasury together with FGA Trust, to help companies manage their existing assets better.

FGA Trust is a Hong Kong-licensed company registered under the Trustee Ordinance, with its shareholders having years of experience in trust service. At present, Payment Asia has successfully launched a digital asset custodial service with FGA Trust for clients, and has provided comprehensive high-quality digital asset custodial service on top of traditional corporate trust, to institutional clients as well as high net-worth individuals.

Setting up a trust can help companies maximize the protection of their assets, and set up a simpler operation process. The creation of a corporate trust also offers a neutral structure in terms of managing the assets involved. By creating a trust through the services of a financial institution, corporations can effectively work on growing the business and draw on the expertise of an organization that specializes in one or more areas of finance and account management.

The partnership of Payment Asia and FGA Trust also offers exclusive asset-linked credit cards with global spending flexibility. Companies can have full transparency of their spending allocation in real-time. It offers easy budgeting and spending control, and also provides an integrated platform for asset and expense management in one go.

Desmond Chu, Business Director of Payment Asia, said, “We are witnessing a demographic change as Gen-Z becomes the main consumer and investor at the moment. Digital asset is one major investment of Gen-Z investors. To stay ahead of the curve, we need to provide innovative services and holistic financing solutions to enable our clients to monetize digital assets, and provide licensed and stable services to cater to the need in a digital era.”