Payment Asia: Comprehensive, Future-Proof E-Commerce Solutions

Top 10 Payment Solution Providers in APAC – 2020

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When browsing in an online shop, everyone expects a delightful and seamless shopping experience that is on a par with brick and mortar stores: well-presented goods, qualified services, and convenient online payment methods. With regard to e-commerce payment, ensuring sophistication and reliability can not only help online stores secure customers’ attention in today’s fast-paced business world but also their loyalty in the long run. At the same time, with the increasing use of big data analytics, the e-commerce payment solution and service providers need to look beyond making online payments easier and secure. They are now also expected to build strategic business initiatives with customized and omnichannel approaches that enhance operations and, in turn, drive sales. To this end, Hong Kong-based Payment Asia provides comprehensive e-commerce payment solutions to various kinds of enterprises while also assisting merchants in improving their overall business and staying ahead of the technology curve.

Payment Asia’s products and services are categorized into payment solutions, payment gateway and integration, and artificial intelligence. The company’s “omnichannel” payment solutions, supported by innovative features, seamlessly integrate multiple payment methods such as China Union Pay, credit cards, Alipay, and many more along with providing a reliable and secure system to meet merchants’ growing demands. “Besides maximizing the customer base of merchants, reducing operational costs, and promoting transparency, we also aim to incorporate alternative payment solutions—e-wallets, mobile payments, direct debits, and bank transfers—into our comprehensive service packages to provide the best and most efficient payment experience,” adds Portia Cacela, senior relationship manager at Payment Asia. With its payment gateway and integration solution, the company supports multiple currencies with flexible settlement periods while providing seamless integration with APIs and real-time monitoring/ reporting to maintain the stability and security of e-commerce payment systems. Furthermore, Payment Asia incorporates AI into clients’ digital marketing strategies to help optimize business opportunities.

To keep up with the ever-evolving payments industry, this year, Payment Asia has even begun leveraging chatbots to address merchant queries in real time. “Our data technology business unit offers advanced technology services, including data analytics, data segmentation, consumer behavior analysis, and data retention. With the combined use of analytics techniques and statistics, we are able to identify new opportunities and gain new insights that help improve clients’ decision-making,” states Portia.

Besides providing top-notch payment solutions, Payment Asia is also focused on minimizing—or even entirely preventing—network malfunction. The company’s advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system comprises highly competent staff that regularly communicates with merchants and collects feedback for necessary service improvements. Having operated as a trusted payment solution provider for two decades and being a leader in online payment technology and e-commerce management, Payment Asia is continually enhancing and expanding its services portfolio to cater to a broader client spectrum globally.

Payment Asia has strategically established offices across Southeast Asia to ensure an effective support system to clients. While the company’s Singapore office is focused on recruitment and digital marketing, those in Malaysia and the Philippines are dedicated to payments. The Payment Asia headquarters in Hong Kong is responsible for digital marketing, AI, and data analysis. “Our setup helps us understand more about the demands and trends in Southeast Asia,” remarks Portia.

Upholding its mission to go beyond providing gateway services and assisting clients outside Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines in expanding their business scope, Payment Asia has recently introduced Myanmar Online Banking and the Thailand QR Code solution. These are receiving positive reviews and are successfully helping merchants generate more revenue as well as attract new customers. The company will soon launch an e-wallet solution for Indonesia and also extend its services to Japan and Korea.