Payment Asia: An All-round E-Commerce Solution

Top 25 E-Commerce Solution Provider – 2017

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“Merchants now have the luxury of enabling the most convenient way of payment, while only requiring their backend to be integrated with us once,” says Anka Yip, IT Development Manager, Payment Asia. Hong Kong-based Payment Asia assists merchants to create gratifying experiences for their customers concerning processing payments. Founded just before the millennium to develop innovative electronic payment solutions, Payment Asia operates as an e-payment technology and e-business management company.

In its presence of close to two decades, Payment Asia not only provided merchants with solutions for payment processing but took a further step and provided merchants with solutions regarding digital marketing, websites, and mobile application development. The company assists merchants to efficiently track leads to the sales cycle, acutely pinpointing what factors would contribute to an increase in sales and conversion rates. Payment Asia serves as a processing partner for merchants to help generate traffic to their websites to enhance their performance further.

“Payment Asia intends to deliver more artificial intelligence by introducing ‘Chat Bot’ to help solve merchant inquiries in real-time”

Apart from assisting merchants in improving sales, Payment Asia looks forward to strengthening its relationship with them by integrating a solid customer relationship management system. The company’s competent staff regularly communicates with merchants for constructive feedback, so the quality of its services can be maintained, and to identify new issues, so the company can continue to provide an all-round service to all types of merchants.

The company has had a glorious journey in the e-commerce space that has served over 3000 clients. A client who significantly benefited from the company’s solutions is a Hang Seng listed blue-chip public hotel group, who was in need of a method to market and sell online product types other than its hotel rooms. Realising that the existing solutions provided in the market could not serve such purpose, the client approached Payment Asia. The company thereafter assembled a team of digital marketers, web & mobile developers, banking relationship managers, and a dedicated support team. The team designed a voucher-based platform with in-house web technology capable of supporting just about any product from food to shuttle transportation, gift, and loyalty promotions.

Payment Asia has also helped merchants devise a fully managed and supported delivery model along with providing compliance audits for the payment card industry. Considering the growing requirements of its e-commerce clients, the company also extends post sales service to them, which includes setting up all product catalogs, SMS sales verifications, and mobile quick response code (QR code) recognition systems for vouchers. Their clientele also includes organisations in anti-fraud and chargeback management.

The key differentiator of Payment Asia lies in the fact that it brings a comprehensive approach to bring networking malfunction downtime to approximately zero, and withstand a single-point failure. To achieve this, the company went through a complete transformation phase in the first quarter of 2016, implementing cloud into its services. Another key element that sets the company apart is its optimal load balancing system that helps to keep track of the workflow in real-time. The system is integrated with a cross-city monitoring system, which assists merchants to resolve any technology issues in minutes. The company also helps with fraud detection leveraging artificial intelligence.

Since its inception, Payment Asia has developed various cutting-edge technologies to drive the e-commerce market. Yip believes that the future will be no different. In the coming years, Payment Asia intends to deliver more artificial intelligence by introducing ‘Chat Bot’ to help solve merchant inquiries in real-time. The Chat Bot will come with a monitoring system that brings out frequently asked questions and opens doors for Payment Asia to serve merchants more accurately and efficiently. Yip also states automated reporting is another function that Payment Asia plans to devise around the end of the year.