How to Find the Right E-Payment Technology Provider

If you run an e-commerce business, setting up an online payment method is crucial for the success of your business. The landscape of digital commerce is changing every day. To keep up with these rapid changes, e-commerce businesses must invest in the best online payment service providers to give their customers a smooth experience while browsing their websites. An electronic payment system is fast replacing traditional financial transactions. Therefore, if you are looking for an e-payment gateway provider, here are some factors you must consider making the right choice for your business.

Features Offered by the Payment Service Provider

Online payment gateways offer many types of payment options, from credit cards, mobile wallets, mobile payments, and debit cards. If you want to attract a wide range of customers, it helps to offer as many payment options as possible. Another point to consider is if your payment provider can be accessed globally. Attracting overseas customers can help your business grow exponentially. However, for this to happen the e-payment technology you choose must have the bandwidth to support global transactions through multi-currency conversions.

Cost and Pricing 

A payment gateway has some sort of fee that they charge if you choose to avail of their services for your business. These prices can differ depending on your business and the type of transactions that are going to be carried out. The cost of availing of a payment gateway includes set-up fees and a fee on each transaction made on your business website. Additionally, there are some e-payment providers that also charge a yearly maintenance fee. Comparing the prices between the different providers and considering the different features offered, can help you make an informed decision on which payment provider is the best fit for your business.

User-Friendly Interface

One thing that can distinguish online payment service providers from each other is the seamless user interface that they are able to offer to their customers. Once a customer has arrived at the checkout process of the online shopping experience, it is important that it is a quick and easy process. A tedious checkout process will most likely lose your business valuable customers. The usability of your payment gateway is dependent on how effectively the check-out page is optimized.

Payment Security

When choosing a payment provider, it is important to check if they are PCI compliant. The PCI is worldwide regulations that must be followed by payment gateway providers to ensure data and information security. E-payment technology such as tokenization helps to enhance payment security and protects users against potential hacks and vulnerabilities during a transaction. Tokens replace confidential information you put on these gateways with a random string of characters and prevent your data from being stolen. As a business, you must invest in making payments secure and this can be only achieved by choosing a reliable payment platform.

Explore Merchant Account Options

A merchant account is an added layer of security that payment platforms offer their clients. During a transaction, the money from a customer’s account is temporarily transferred into the merchant account till they get approval from the customer’s processing bank. From here money is then transferred into the seller’s account. Some payment providers offer merchant accounts while others do not. If you would like to have a merchant account, you can choose a payment provider that offers you one.

Selecting an easily integrated payment gateway into your e-payment technology gateway can be done if you understand what your needs are. To make the best decision for your business, choose the payment gateway that will best suit your business needs and give your customers a seamless online shopping experience.