How to Choose the Right E-Commerce Solution Provider?

In the current digital era, businesses are forced to adapt quickly and oftentimes without warning to match the ever-changing consumer expectations and buying habits. In order to succeed, you need the right e-commerce solution provider who can focus on the digital aspects of your business while you focus on the more important areas of your business.


Background and Integration Experience 

To shortlist your e-commerce solution partner for online payment solutions in Thailand, the first step would be to verify/research what your potential partner has delivered in the past and to whom. It is imperative to choose a partner who has a proven track record in all areas of e-commerce. It is worth noting whether they have delivered projects across various industries to successful clients and also whether they have experience servicing their clients globally. You would also want to look for a provider that has the skills and expertise in integrating the systems with which you are currently working. This would include ERP, POS, CRM, payment gateways, and personalisation.


Multichannel Reach 

With rapidly changing technology, customers’ online behaviour is continually changing. To respond to these increased customer expectations, you will have to take your business to wherever your customer is. Customers want to shop when, where, and how they want. Your presence should be in every channel, and your e-commerce solution provider should be able to position you in every channel from the physical store to the application, website, delivery tracking, and payment. The partner should be able to manoeuvre across each of these channels to provide a seamless experience that today’s customers demand.


Efficiency and Economy

 You will need to look for an e-commerce solution provider who will offer solutions with a quick turnaround time to mitigate any negative impressions on your customers. The provider has to be sensitive and responsive with a proven track record. On your part, you need to understand how new solutions have affected your potential provider’s clients’ traffic, growth, revenue, and any other metrics that could affect your business. This will equip you to understand better whether your potential partner can turn technological inputs into real, tangible outcomes for your business.

Once you have decided on a budget, you will need to look for a partner who will fit within this budget. You need to be wary of the way potential partners will pitch their prices. Some may offer a quote based only on fixed costs based on predetermined deliverables. Some others may quote a low rate to clinch the deal and then hit you with individual hidden charges, which will pile up over time as things get added when your business is live. It is wise to opt for transparent pricing, keeping long term objectives in mind, rather than have unprecedented expenses which are not within your budget.