How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Your Business?

Choosing an online payment gateway that is best suited for your business requirements can be a very tedious process. You should ensure that the customer experience through the online transaction is smooth, secure, and quick, with the least number of clicks. If the customer experience is positive, it will ensure that customers will come back to purchase other products or services in the future. The top three considerations to make while selecting an online payment gateway in Indonesia are listed below.


Safety Regulations & Security Features

Mobile payment gateway providers should have permission from Bank Indonesia to run their service, and in addition to this, they should have a license from PCI DSS with Level 1 as per government directives.

Online payment has become part of our daily lives. We are processing online transactions not only through credit cards or debit cards but also through other modes like internet banking and e-wallets. Considering the sheer volume of transactions carried out using online payments, the risk management team behind the online payment gateway must monitor all transactions in real-time. They should be able to notify merchants or customers immediately in case any risks are identified. With greater technological advances and with more merchants and customers opting for online transactions, there is always the risk of cyber fraud and hacking. Online payment gateway service providers should also be able to ensure that merchants and customers’ privacy is not breached, and data is not unintentionally leaked.


Customisation and Support

Online payment gateway providers should be able to provide easily customisable payment platforms to offer a seamless experience for customers from browsing to checkout. The provider should also be able to provide easily manageable APIs for mobile apps to attract more customers in this digital age.

Your partner offering mobile payment gateway should provide customer support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This customer support service can be in the form of email, phone, or WhatsApp. The service should be efficient and responsive with quick turnaround time. Customer service support should be free of cost, and it is worth noting that customers are entitled to it.


Multi-Currency and International Acceptance

Business owners who sell their products and services overseas will largely benefit if transactions are smooth and if payments can be realised instantaneously. On the other hand, international customers are more likely to complete their purchases if they can make the payment in their own currency. In Indonesia, there are only a few providers who allow transactions in international currency. Therefore, in the interest of fulfilling the requirements of reaching a global audience, business owners must look for a provider of online payment gateway in Indonesia who can offer the option of multi-currency transactions. As international boundaries are nonexistent in online transactions, business owners can now use technology to their advantage to attract international customers comfortably.