How Restaurants Can Get a New Lease on Life Post-COVID-19  

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant businesses all over have taken a huge hit. The major setback for restaurants has been in terms of being forced to shut down their dine-in option. This decision was taken to adhere to the social distancing protocols and other restrictions on public gatherings placed by governments in different countries across the world. Restaurants in Southeast Asia have faced the brunt of this situation with devastating effects on their business.


How Can Your Restaurant Survive?

Customers are moving towards mobile app payment for all purchases. This is safe and convenient given the quick spread of the COVID-19 virus from person to person. If you are a restaurant owner in Vietnam, you must take some proactive steps in order to survive and thrive during these unprecedented times. Small local restaurants and businesses are the ones most affected by the current pandemic situation. Your business should be able to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of your customers during this economic crisis.


Steps for Restaurants to Adapt to the Economic Changes in Southeast Asia

Below are some steps you can take to overcome the challenges and get your restaurant business back on track.

  1. Contactless Payment: The first step is to enable your restaurant to accept contactless payments. For this, you will need to tie up with an online payment provider in Vietnam. This will help you to continue serving your customers safely.
  2. Food Delivery: Your restaurant should move from providing only dine-in facility to take-away, home-delivery as well as curbside pickup by customers. You should create an order-ahead process through virtual terminals. For all these options, mobile app payment should be the preferred mode to collect payment from the customers.
  3. CDC Updates: Follow all the guidelines laid down by the CDC so that your employees and your customers are protected. The rules set by the CDC will change from time to time depending on the virus load in Vietnam. It will be good for you to review the guidelines from time to time to make sure that you do not miss out on any business opportunities. You may be able to have a limited number of customers who can be seated at one time at the restaurant as the COVID-19 situation evolves.
  4. Maintain Communication with Your Customers: Many restaurants have shut down in this pandemic season either for the time being or permanently. It is important to communicate with your customers that your restaurant is still open for business and that mobile app payment option is available for them to facilitate easy payment. You can do this through social media channels, email communication and other advertising methods. Frequent communication with your regular customers directly with details of operating hours will ensure that there is a steady flow of business. Customers must be made aware of the safety measures you have taken so that they feel safe and comfortable ordering from your restaurant. This includes information regarding food safety and cleaning practices implemented as well as logging temperature details of all restaurant employees and delivery staff.

There is a huge surge in demand for online payment providers in Vietnam currently owing to the need to facilitate contactless payment options for restaurant customers. This is a critical factor to consider and adopt to ensure you are following ethical business practices. Many restaurants that have switched to mobile app paymentand quickly adopted other safety measures have managed to get their business up and running to pre-COVID levels.


So, go ahead and give your restaurant a new lease of life with these tips.