Five Reasons Why B2B Merchants should Partner with Online Payment Gateway Providers

Looking to improve your B2B commerce strategy? Southeast Asia’s online payments open the doors for businesses looking to grab bigger opportunities in B2B sales. This type of payment processing allows B2B merchants to meet the expectations of their business customers with flexibility.


Availability of More Data

Processing online transactions provide more information about a payment compared to usual invoicing using checks. With relevant and meaningful information about your customers, you can protect the payments you process and improve your marketing strategy. By enlisting the help of payment gateway providers for level 2 and level 3 B2B processing, you can gather additional information, such as sales tax amount, zip code, tax amount and ID, team commodity code and more. As a B2B customer, you can be assured that your payment information is secure and will not be misused in any way. To a large extent, you can reduce the interchange fees that come with payment processing. Volume purchases work well for B2B customers under these parameters. Autofill technology meets the data requirements of level 2 and level 3 processing, so you’ll get the lowest possible rates for accepting credit cards. Enhanced security features also come as a welcome relief for B2B merchants.


Capture Maximum Potential Customers 

An online mode of payment allows you to market and ship to any place in the country and around the world. Why restrict your sales to a particular region when you can enjoy B2B sales on any device, anywhere and anytime? Now you can cater to demands from any part of the world and get maximum potential sales and drastically improve your returns. One constant aspect that customers give importance to is the security of their payments. Online transactions are reliable and have robust security standards. Customers can manually enter in details and confirm the payment through password, PIN, ID or finger touch. This maintains a frictionless and secure transaction experience.


Offer Multiple Payment Options

Payment gateway providers offer a wide range of reliable payment options at competitive rates. These technologically based solutions offer customers a comfortable and familiar payment option, removes any payment obstacles and ensures a frictionless transaction experience. This strengthens customer loyalty. Likewise, Southeast Asia’s online payments prove to be a superior option when compared to old-fashioned methods of sending procurement officers or sending emails for purchases.


Simplified and Efficient Payment

B2B merchants can easily set up recurring billings and instalment payments. While processing your payment, your accounting software streamlines all your administrative processes. This automates your business functions and saves labour and cost, which otherwise would be an extra burden. This makes the procurement experience easy for B2B customers. Further, customers can save time and money by purchasing from a trusted vendor online. You can download the print receipt after each payment and also save payment details so that you do not have to re-enter them the next time.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is an important component of B2B sales. Customers have a wide selection of goods and services from which they can choose. By giving them the option of paying online, you make payments easy, flexible and simple for both new and current customers. When you don’t meet customer needs, they will tend to go elsewhere, probably to your competitor. Thus, by partnering with a payment gateway provider, who is an expert in providing technical support, you can focus on other important aspects of customer service. It is important to remember that your revenue is directly proportional to your customer’s satisfaction.


Partner with a payment gateway provider and expand your business payment options for better profitability in the long run.