Congratulations to Datatech won the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards (TEA) 2019

January 14, 2019

Hurray! Congratulations to Datatech, Payment Asia’s business intelligence arm, who won the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards (TEA) 2019 on 27 February for its AI-driven last mile logistics platform. Payment Asia from day 1 sees the stunning growth of the technology company, and we are proud of having a group of enthusiastic and talented data science professionals to be one of our e-commerce allies.

Created by DRun, DRun enables route optimisation, fleet management, parcel tracking, address cleansing, and real-time communication. Thus, the client has real-time tracking of their parcel location. Driver’s routing could be optimised based on traffic, schedule or client request. All the data is stored and analysed for better fleet utilisation.

Datatech’s Business Development Director William Hung (shown above) felt honoured for the appreciation, and he anticipated AI technology and big data would be the driving force of business growth in the future.

Payment Asia and Datatech will keep joining hands to enhance e-commerce solutions by integrating AI and big data analysis to assist merchants streamlining their operation, exploring the market and thus bringing more sales.

Yours faithfully,
Payment Asia