New Era of Mobile Payment

Hong Kong is embracing the trend of mobile payment and e-wallet. To meet the demand of merchants, Payment Asia, a vendor partner of AlipayHK launches the payment app PA Pay to support the mobile payment methods including AlipayHK. Now, we welcome all merchants to join our latest PA Pay App trial programme. Once your application is approved, the setup and annual fee would be waived, and you would also receive a point-of-sales (POS) machine for free.

The installation and usage of PA Pay App is simple. The app includes the functions of real-time payment notification and transaction reports. Our technical team is always ready to offer solutions to your enquiries. So, just get PA Pay App, the best option of SME merchants.

Privilege of setting up Alipay solution during promotion period
  • Annual and monthly fee waived
  • Free POS machine*
  • Alipay customer’s user guide (For Teaching Use)
  • Alipay promotion materials package
  • Setup of Alipay spot payment solutions includes free Alipay online solutions

Guide for PA PAY APP Newbie

For detail enquiry: (852) 2207 3183 / 2207 3185