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The Age of Cloud

A couple years ago, our IT team with increasing stability and security in mind, decided the implementation of Amazon’s Web Service. As a result, in early 2016, most of our services had gone through successful transition and had achieved significant reduction in hardware and networking malfunction downtime to approximately zero. Our current system has been built for durability, designed to withstand single – point – failure and minimized the duration for disaster recovery. Being stationed in Hong Kong, from a global technology perspective, geographically speaking equips us with an unique position. Coupled with our team’s technology advancement, enables us to minimize the impact and hurdle over barriers set forth by other countries that impose more restrictions on the internet.

Nowadays, e-Payment can be done anytime at anywhere and our system is oriented to cater such needs. Our IT team has also adapted an in house, cross region city monitoring system which enables us to keep track of the entire flow in real time, allowing us to solve relevant tech issues rapidly and thus reducing the duration of the impact from hours to merely minutes. In the same time, enabling our users to have accessibility from major market locations such as US, Europe, Asia and China.

Payment Asia is not only composed of a strong sales and customer service team, our IT department also plays a dominant role in valuing and dedicating our service to our clients, paving the way to maintain our service uptime at 99.95% last year. With cloud service technology (Amazon, Aliyun) at the tip of our fingers, it is foreseeable our team will further extend our solutions to better serve our merchants and customers.