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Payment Asia Launches CUP Mobile Payment Service

December 3, 2016
Payment Asia, Asia’s leading payment service company has announced rolling out of CUP (China Union Pay) Mobile Payment service in December.
Payment Asia will be adding this new payment option to provide merchants the ease to accept from Mobile. Since, CUP is the major Banking giant of Asia. It will be a great advantage for large scale as well scale merchants to accept payment from Mobile. It will be a upgradation as well a beneficial move.
New Step for Better payment experience.

With introduction of CUP mobile payment service. Payment Asia will move a step further in their vision of becoming a full-fledged payment service company. This extra payment functions demonstrate how CUP Mobile Payment service will help merchants in making a transaction with smoothness. The vision for Payment Asia is to continue on adding new local and international payment options to their platform which will help merchants in expanding their eCommerce footprint around the globe.

About Payment Asia,

Payment Asia is a payment service provider which is specialized in electronic payment solutions. We are experts in providing reliable and productive payment solutions for merchants.
Payment Asia provides merchants with a comprehensive business payment solution that is cost-effective, and can simplify real-time process of various payment options such as credit card, debit card, and mobile payment.