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Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction

January 14, 2019

A Hong-Kong-based firm catering to the finance sector, wanted to revamp its business by implementing an online platform to carry out transactions, and thus remain relevant. A decryption of this requirement revealed that the holistic online platform should enable effortless customer onboarding, data encryption, and implementation of e-KYC, a component that seamlessly authenticates users indulging in online transactions. The firm’s pursuit for an ideal solution vendor led to, a subsidiary of Prizm Group, based in Hong Kong, known for engineering digital products and services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since its inception, the firm has carved a niche by engineering innovative online and mobile payment solutions that have benefited several enterprises around Hong Kong. “Our aim is to empower clients by delivering enterprise-specific data analytics and AI solutions,” mentions William Hung, Business Development Director,

The company’s idea of product development revolves around integration of AI with a client’s existing system to mitigate business challenges. Additionally, the talented resource pool tries to identify the scope of engineering a product that can end the woes of firms facing similar hurdles. Datatech has assisted several marketing firms by delivering object identification and facial recognition solutions, by installing cameras in public spaces. However, one of Datatech’s most noteworthy contributions is the deployment of DTalk, its interactive Chabot, which offers the best concise advice to customer inquiries 24×7.

One of Datatech’s most noteworthy contributions is the deployment of DTalk, its interactive chatbot, which offers the best concise advice to customer inquiries 24×7

The natural language processing abilities of the platform facilitates real-time interaction between customers and the firm.

Unlike other auto-conversational chatbots available today, DTalk, empowered with machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, comprehends the context of a conversation and renders suggestions accordingly. To illustrate the capabilities of Datatech better, Hung recalls the recent experience of working with one of his clients.

The customer organization had offered coupons on its virtual platform to allure customers. However, this firm soon realized that the exciting offers are not enticing many visitors and in fact generating many complaints. Datatech integrated DTalk on the client’s online platform to facilitate seamless customer interaction and decipher the pattern of queries. A compilation of customer interactions over a month since the installation of DTalk led to the inference that the procedure involved in coupon redemption was not quite user-friendly and demanded telephonic conversations with customer care executives of the firm, a reason behind 80 percent of queries and complaints.

The Datatech product suite also comprises of DEye and DEar, which imitate human capabilities. While DEar suggests product trends based on the voice inputs of users, DEye is a tool known for being instrumental in processing images and documents. Elaborating his firm’s abilities further, Hung mentions that one of the vital products of his firm’s suite is DRun, aimed at assisting logistics enterprises in effortlessly amassing payments online by the implementation of an e-wallet system.

Currently, Datatech is making waves for ClickABite, a solution for food & beverage reservation and seamless restaurant management. This unique product enables clients to reserve a spot and eliminates the age-old hassle of queuing up for a table. The firm is planning to amplify the capabilities of its product suite to stay relevant in the current climate of rapid AI evolution. “We are also planning to enhance the capabilities of our chatbot to facilitate online payments, apart from answering queries of customers in the days to come to eliminate cash transactions,” states Hung, revealing a glimpse of the company’s roadmap.