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Are you in search of a suitable payment processing solution for your commercial enterprise? A professional online payment provider in Vietnam can offer a range of solutions that will work wonders for your business. Here are four commonly used online payment solutions and their characteristics. Electronic Payment Cards The functionality of credit cards in online transactions is seamless, quick and independent of a user’s time and location. Cards are easy to obtain and use, as customers do not require any additional software or hardware to process them. The authentication procedure for cardholders is simple, with the specifications of a name, credit card number and expiry date. To ensure the security of the cardholder’s personal information, credit card companies have developed complementary systems such as MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa. These systems enable consumers to create passwords and use them during online transactions. Debit cards are suitable for micropayments as their usage is low-cost. Mobile Payments Mobile app payments offer more convenience, low transaction fees and maximum security. This payment solution has helped companies to gather useful data about their consumers through their purchases. It is suitable for micropayments both offline and online. This payment option is valuable for online merchants, especially because mobile phones have a vast user base. The major advantages of mobile app payments include location-free access, a variety of purchase options, an easy alternative to cash payments and timely contact with one’s financial resources. Another important reason for its compatibility is the flexibility that the system offers. This payment solution can be processed in a contactless manner witha singleclick rather than having to stand in long queues. The device authentication procedure adds to the security of each payment. Mobile Wallets Mobile wallets are basically smartphones functioning like leather wallet. It can include digital coupons, digital money, digital cards and digital receipts. This service can be used by installing payment applications from online stores on a smartphone and using them to pay for offline and online purchases. The latest technologies that connect smartphones to the physical world, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), sound waves, QR codes, and cloud-based solutions, make mobile wallets a convenient online payment solution for future consumers. Electronic Cash Presently, smart card-based systems are the most commonly used payment options, especially for small amounts. Smart cards rely on a card reader for their use and authentication for safety purposes. In addition to the smart card-based system, numerous other electronic cash systems have been developed. These electronic systems work with the use of pre-paid cards or digital tokens that have a certain value and can be exchanged for hard cash. Do you want to incorporate mobile payments in your e-commerce site? Contact a leading online payment provider in Vietnam!
Blockchain technology and Bitcoin, in particular, is on track to change the financial landscape forever. Bitcoin already has made a huge positive impact in the global payments industry. Many big companies accept Bitcoin for their goods as a legitimate, valuable currency. Though still in its nascent stage, more and more individuals are able to fathom what this blockchain technology is capable of in terms of cheap and fast cross-border payments. How to Accept Crypto Payments? There are a number of ways for a merchant to start accepting cryptocurrencies for his business. Some methods are elaborate and allow space for customization, while others are simple and require very little effort. Below are four ways. Module Integration Module integration is the easiest and most flexible option that is ready to go by integrating a plug-in via the preferred e-commerce platform. Installing a cryptocurrency payment plug-in is not very difficult at all. You can download it directly from the website, upload the module to your website and set up API credentials, which is provided by the crypto payment gateway provider automatically. Once setup, choose the currency you want to receive your payments in, and you are good to go. Point of Sale The next is the ‘point of sale’. Merchants have the flexibility to integrate cryptocurrency with point-of-sale apps. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the merchant can accept crypto payments on the go. They work on both Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers. Other than that, the merchant is also capable of connecting as many PoS devices to his cryptocurrency payment gateway account as he requires. Some PoS systems are able to accept more than one cryptocurrency. Some payment gateways also provide merchants to convert crypto payments to the local currency, which can be sent to the bank account immediately after conversion. Connect with API Merchants who have access to somebody with technical knowledge can also opt for API, which is the most customizable solution of all. The API is capable of processing cryptocurrency payments on virtually any website from the point of checkout till settlement. API works in a similar fashion as other integration options by providing a Bitcoin address and QR code to finalize the payment. You need to implement its code in a website to get the API to work, which may be a bit challenging to a merchant, which is why technical developer skills are critical. When using crypto payment gateways, merchants who use the payment API can manage and track orders easily. Similar to other options, the collected funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or a personal Bitcoin address. Use the Payments Button This is a fairly simple yet customizable solution to accept cryptocurrency payments. It is as simple as copying and pasting a line of code into your website. You can, to some degree, easily adjust the function of the button to suit your business needs. For example, you can set up the button to charge only one single amount or in other cases, the button can include a slide that allows users to choose minimum and maximum amounts. Button window title, description background picture, logo and colours are customizable. Some of the top cryptocurrency payment gateways provide users with some additional features such as notifications for receiving payments or custom information fields for shoppers to fill out. Before getting into any cryptocurrency payment integration, the merchant is required to create an account with a crypto payment gateway and verify it. All merchants must be compliant with regulatory requirements. Now that you are aware of the cryptocurrency implementation methods choose a payment gateway that will satisfy the needs of both the merchant and the customer.
Looking to improve your B2B commerce strategy? Southeast Asia’s online payments open the doors for businesses looking to grab bigger opportunities in B2B sales. This type of payment processing allows B2B merchants to meet the expectations of their business customers with flexibility. Availability of More Data Processing online transactions provide more information about a payment compared to usual invoicing using checks. With relevant and meaningful information about your customers, you can protect the payments you process and improve your marketing strategy. By enlisting the help of payment gateway providers for level 2 and level 3 B2B processing, you can gather additional information, such as sales tax amount, zip code, tax amount and ID, team commodity code and more. As a B2B customer, you can be assured that your payment information is secure and will not be misused in any way. To a large extent, you can reduce the interchange fees that come with payment processing. Volume purchases work well for B2B customers under these parameters. Autofill technology meets the data requirements of level 2 and level 3 processing, so you’ll get the lowest possible rates for accepting credit cards. Enhanced security features also come as a welcome relief for B2B merchants. Capture Maximum Potential Customers An online mode of payment allows you to market and ship to any place in the country and around the world. Why restrict your sales to a particular region when you canenjoy B2B saleson any device, anywhere and anytime? Now you can cater to demands from any part of the world and get maximum potential sales and drastically improve your returns. One constant aspect that customers give importance to is the security of their payments. Online transactions are reliable and have robust security standards. Customers can manually enter in details and confirmthe payment through password, PIN, ID or finger touch. This maintains a frictionless and secure transaction experience. Offer Multiple Payment Options Payment gateway providers offer a wide range of reliable payment options at competitive rates. These technologically based solutions offer customers a comfortable and familiar payment option, removes any payment obstacles and ensures a frictionless transaction experience. This strengthens customer loyalty. Likewise, Southeast Asia’s online payments prove to be a superior optionwhen compared to old-fashioned methods of sending procurement officers or sending emails for purchases. Simplified and Efficient Payment B2B merchants can easily set up recurring billings and instalment payments. While processing your payment, your accounting software streamlines all your administrative processes. This automates your business functions and saves labour and cost, which otherwise would be an extra burden. This makes the procurement experience easy for B2B customers. Further, customers can save time and money by purchasing from a trusted vendor online. You can download the print receipt after each payment and also save payment details so that you do not have to re-enter them the next time. Improved Customer Satisfaction Customer service is an important component of B2B sales. Customers have a wide selection of goods and services from which they can choose. By giving them the option of paying online, you make payments easy, flexible and simple for both new and current customers. When you don’t meet customer needs, they will tend to go elsewhere, probably to your competitor. Thus, by partnering with a payment gateway provider, who is an expert in providing technical support, you can focus on other important aspects of customer service. It is important to remember that your revenue is directly proportional to your customer’s satisfaction. Partner with a payment gateway provider and expand your business payment options for better profitability in the long run.
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您正在尋找泰國線上支付方案嗎?你有一個好消息!就是現時有多種選擇,可以顯著提升您的業務和利潤。首先,我們需要了解什麼是「線上付款處理」:在顧客購物並以實體支付卡、電話或網店付款的過程中,銀行戶口資料會被處理,透過付款處理方進行支付程序。 為了擴展您的業務,提高利潤,您必須考慮支付策略,作出最佳的選擇,這對您的業務非常重要。 以下是一些小貼士: 不止於信用卡 現今有不少線上付款方案,因此您要預期顧客會使用信用卡或扣帳卡以外的付款方式。時至今日,市面上有多種付款方式,請確保您的付款處理合作夥伴能夠有效地處理這些付款,以下是一些基本的付款方式: • 信用卡/扣帳卡:最常見的付款方式。 • 非接觸式付款:不需要顧客刷卡或拍卡,利用近距離無線通訊(NFC)技術,讀取支付卡資料。 • EMV芯片:所有新發行的支付卡都必須裝有這些EMV芯片。 • 拆帳:常見於餐廳的支付方式,讓顧客可以拆分他們的賬單。 信用欺詐 社會上有多種欺詐手法會影響您的業務,其中有身份盜用、信用卡欺詐和退款欺詐。在泰國或其他地區選擇線上支付方案時,請確保您已設置可靠的安全系統,例如是CVV驗證、地址驗證等。 保持系統更新 確保系統採用先進技術非常重要,可以避免不必要的拒付情況。 選擇有效的付款處理系統 為您的業務尋找適合的付款處理系統同樣重要,您選擇的付款處理方應該容易讓員工使用,並容許親身或線上交易。 管理客戶數據或資料 所有交易都會涉及顧客的資料,例如是他們的心儀產品等。因此,收集、組織並分析顧客數據是非常重要,可以幫助您作出更精準的營商決定。 如今,市面上有許多線上支付方案可供選擇,所以您要進行仔細研究,選擇最適合自己業務的方案。 與熟悉您的業務市場、具信譽的服務供應商合作,開始讓業務更上一層樓吧!
隨著新冠肺炎疫情的爆發,世界各地的餐飲業都遭受了巨大的打擊。其中最大的挫折,是由於遵守社交距離限制,以及由各地政府制定的限聚令,而被迫禁止堂食。東南亞地區的餐廳首當其衝,對他們的業務造成毀滅性影響。 您的餐廳該如何生存? 消費者正逐步轉為使用流動應用程式購物,這種消費模式在疫情下帶來更安全、更便捷的選擇。如果您是一位於越南開設餐廳的老闆,就必須採取積極措施,才能在這個前所未見的危機下生存。當地的小型餐飲企業是目前受疫情影響最嚴重的一群。在這場經濟危機期間,您的企業要從中適應並加以發展,以滿足顧客的需求。 餐飲業如何應對東南亞地區經濟巨變? 您可以採取以下步驟來克服挑戰,並使業務重回正軌︰ 1. 非接觸式付款:首先,您的餐廳要接受非接觸式付款。為此,您需要與越南的線上支付供應商合作,這樣您就可以繼續安全地為顧客提供服務。 2. 外賣服務:您的餐廳應從僅限堂食,轉變為提供外賣、送遞以及駕車自提等服務。您要通過虛擬終端創建預購流程,而對於以上選項,都應以流動應用程式支付作為收取費用的首選方式。 3. 遵從疾控中心﹙CDC﹚的守則:請遵循CDC制定的所有守則,以保護您的員工和顧客。CDC設立的守則會不定時更新,取決於越南的最新疫情發展。記得不時檢討守則,以確保不會錯過任何商機。隨著疫情發展,堂食顧客人數可能會有所限制。 4. 與顧客保持聯繫:在疫情下,許多餐廳都暫時或永久關閉。與您的顧客溝通,讓他們知道您的餐廳仍在營業,並且可以使用流動應用程式付款是非常重要。您可以透過社交媒體、電郵和其他廣告方式來進行。直接與常客緊密聯繫,並告知營業時間,可確保業務穩定發展。您亦必須讓顧客了解餐廳採取的防疫措施,讓他們安心光顧,其中包括實行的食品安全及清潔措施,以及記錄所有餐廳員工和送貨人員的體溫等。 由於需要為餐廳設立非接觸式支付方式,越南當地民眾對線上支付供應商的需求激增。與此同時,以道德方式營商至關重要。許多已經改用流動應用程式支付,並迅速採取其他安全措施的餐廳,業務成績都已經達到疫情前的水平。 因此,請把握以上技巧,讓您的餐廳在「疫」境下重獲新生!
新冠病毒改變了整個世界,其中一個最大的變化,就是需要避免人與人之間的直接或間接接觸,保持社交距離,即使購物和付款也不例外。 疫情如何改變消費者行為? 為了減低感染風險,消費者現在傾向以網上購物滿足一切需求,網上購物的便利性更遠勝過出門購物的吸引力,令通過各種支付閘道供應商進行的非接觸式支付交易量大大增加,尤其是在東南亞以至世界其他地區,這些交易都是透過支援非接觸式功能的電子錢包,以及信用卡或扣帳卡進行。 目前的疫情促使更多亞洲地區消費者,透過東南亞線上支付閘道,改為使用更先進的支付方式。無論你的業務規模如何,您可能會好奇,疫情過後,這種行為和趨勢是否仍會繼續?提前計劃並採取必要行動,將助您做好準備,並在經濟重啟後保持競爭力。 如何面對經濟環境轉變? 年輕一代通常精通科技,較喜歡使用以電子錢包和其他較新穎的支付方式,透過安全可靠的支付閘道供應商進行線上交易。然而,疫情下進行的一項消費者問卷調查顯示,全球大部分消費者在疫情下會完全轉為使用非接觸式付款方式。由於其便利性,即使疫情過後,仍然會繼續選擇這種付款方式。事實上,在過去一年,東南亞地區的非接觸式支付交易量已經出現顯著增長。 需要消費者輸入個人識別碼或簽署收據的交易方式,都需要一定程度上的社交接觸。與東南亞地區的線上支付閘道供應商合作,可以幫助您的企業實行保持社交距離。在迅速發展的經濟環境中,這項服務可以促進您的業務發展。 因此,商戶透過選擇最佳的支付閘道供應商,絕對可以通過為顧客提供替代支付方式而得益。在選擇服務供應商時,交易期間的數據安全應該是您的首要考量,因為在支付過程中,總會有黑客和不法之徒試圖進行欺詐行為。 非接觸式支付增長 大多數發卡機構都設有每日交易限額,如果客戶超出此限,則可能需要進一步的身份驗證,並需要客戶親身配合。不同的消費卡或國家都可能會有不同的限制,但是目前如萬事達卡和Visa卡等公司正在提高交易限額,授權人們進行更多交易。 非接觸式支付存在安全風險,更高的交易限額意味著欺詐行為亦會隨之增加。作為商戶,您必須採取措施解決有關安全風險,並為您的客戶提供安全的平台。 支付閘道供應商應使用加密技術和支付標記化來驗證線上交易,亦應該建立一個處理拒付個案的程序,在必要時進行爭議。消費者同時亦透過使用生物識別技術,進行身份驗證,來保護非接觸式交易期間產生的數據。 因此,請採取行動,在東南亞地區接受非接觸式付款,確保您的企業能夠隨時滿足消費者的需求和期望。
使用加密貨幣支付閘道是一種快速安全的線上交易方式,在現今日新月異、科技先進的社會中越來越流行。與傳統的支付方式相比,加密貨幣在使用上更具成本效益,而且方便。使用加密貨幣,因為付款無法撤回,您可以降低拒付風險。 什麼是加密貨幣? 加密貨幣是一種虛擬或數碼形式的貨幣,通過分佈式分類帳技術操作。這個電腦化的區塊鏈被用作所有加密貨幣交易的公共金融數據庫,通常透過分散控制執行。這個數據庫使用強大的加密技術來確保所有交易記錄的安全,控制貨幣生產,以及監察貨幣的擁有權轉移。 什麼是加密貨幣支付閘道? 加密貨幣支付閘道是為顧客和企業之間交易而創建的中介工具,該服務或閘道透過數碼資產(如比特幣)進行支付。閘道通常由區塊鏈技術驅動,使閘道具效率及可信度,該技術減少了人工干預的需要,並可添加多重安全保障。 接受加密貨幣支付的優勢 透過加密貨幣支付閘道接受加密貨幣,您的業務就可以與世界各地的顧客接軌,是您的企業進行跨國交易的最佳方案之一。加密貨幣支付閘道可有效減少欺詐和拒付的情況,而且收取的佣金非常低廉。由於此類交易不涉及任何第三方,因此交易迅速,而且保密。長遠使用對您的業務增長確實非常有利,因為您可以在沒有第三方的情況下管理自己的資產儲備,這是目前任何支付方式都無法提供的獨特商業投資選擇。 選擇加密貨幣閘道時的重要考量 作為商戶,如果您接受加密貨幣,那麼選擇合適的加密貨幣支付閘道則至關重要,以下是部分考慮因素: • 您選擇的閘道服務應以高度安全和可靠為首要考量,用戶及交易資料應得到全天候保護。 • 閘道應允許所有類型的加密貨幣交易。 • 在交易完成前,應該設有雙重驗證系統,以確保最高的安全規格。 • 服務供應商應提供24小時支援系統,以協助世界各地的顧客,客戶服務專員亦應該具備多種語言能力,在面對各國客戶時發揮優勢。 透過加密貨幣閘道進行首次交易 選擇您的加密貨幣支付閘道服務供應商後,您必須為您的公司註冊,並在您的網站上設立加密貨幣錢包。登入帳戶後,您將進行首次驗證過程,您需要提供網站將接受的加密貨幣數量和種類的詳細資料,系統作出處理並儘快獲取加密貨幣。 現今市場上有數個主要加密貨幣支付閘道,這些平台能夠在全球各地接收常用數碼資產。希望這份簡易指南能夠為您提供一些關於選擇服務供應商及運用加密貨幣的知識,令交易更有利可圖,令顧客更感到安全可靠。如果您想將這種支付方式整合到您的業務之中,請與業內具信譽的支付處理公司聯繫。
在東南亞地區中,菲律賓是流動設備使用率最高的國家之一,在其1.07億人口中,佔近70%。 菲律賓的支付方案不僅令使用流動及網上銀行的人士受惠,還適用於沒有銀行賬戶的菲律賓人。當地的頂級支付閘道供應商亦成為了商戶與其顧客之間的橋樑,致力在當地市場提供最方便、普及化的支付方案。 數碼支付方案 • 14間主要銀行適用 • 允許商戶透過數碼支付平台,線上接受付款 • 通過替代支付方案,支援零售合作夥伴進行場外存款 不受時間和空間限制 提供一流支付方案的供應商意識到,菲律賓的商戶較鍾情於電子商貿,因為與實體店相比,前者能夠接觸更多客戶。隨著數碼技術創新,他們現在可以提供跨國、跨境支付、降低營運成本、個人化結算方案,以及提高收入。世界各地的顧客現在都可以輕鬆線上購物,享受同樣質素的產品及服務。線上業務令您足不出戶都可以接通世界,您只需要一個優質的菲律賓線上支付閘道,以及網絡連接。電子商貿24小時全天候運作,確保您的產品和服務能夠隨時隨地對外開放。 保證低成本及優質客戶服務 當您擁有實體店時,您需要為空間、租金、裝修、營運、薪金及設備投放資金。如今,您可以單單投資在網上營運管理系統,來管理日常事務,因此,選擇供應商服務時,除了考慮支付方案和驗證服務外,還有業務創新策略。 數碼營銷及網站 關於線上業務,數據分析技術已經整合到支付方案之中,以分析顧客的行為和購買習慣等,有助企業改善其跨平台個人化廣告營銷策略。眾人皆知,高質素的網站需要具備獨特的功能及設計,產品和服務需要經過仔細分類,以方便顧客瀏覽,提升效率。因此,在菲律賓選擇與具信譽的線上支付閘道合作,以推動電子支付十分重要。 如何使您的網店具有成效? 您第一樣需要建立的是獨立性,是什麼讓您的品牌與眾不同?您能為客戶提供什麼?接下來就要使您的網站簡單整潔。確保您的網頁設計能為客戶帶來良好的體驗,並選擇一套與網上功能匹配的客戶關係管理(CRM)系統。網頁功能包括購物車、顧客服務及產品列表等,在您的網店加入不同的元素,以促進銷售。最後,別忘了推廣您的網店,有策略地分析網站數據,以改善及推動業務發展。