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Thailand being one of the fastest emerging markets in Southeast Asia, has a direct correlation with regard to their sophisticated mobile payment solutions. Different online payment solutions in Thailand have risen in popularity over the past couple of years. For example, payments done via a mobile device are now used in multiple verticals and have become an indispensable option in the Thai market. Leading providers of payment solutions recognize this demand and assure clients that their solutions come with excellent client service and complete coverage of all the banks in Thailand. Ease of E-Payments and Social Media Rise The rise of the younger generation has played a vital role in the popularity of online marketing and business. In the fast-moving business market, service providers are aware that both local and international players are actively participating to adopt e-payment as a preferred mode of payment. The use of the Internet and mobile phones has brought the shopping experience to the consumers’ homes. Convenient and user-friendly online payment solutions in Thailand have been instrumental in attracting people from all age groups and walks of life. This has led to a significant boost in profits for clients. Top providers incorporate Artificial Intelligence along with innovative technology to create a one-stop e-commerce platform for any online business.  Social Commerce and Widening Boundaries Social websites and messaging are quickly becoming an essential part of e-commerce. You can choose a payment processing partner that specializes in using chatbots and messaging platforms to boost, promote, and enhance your business. Companies also use social media as a mode of influence to get in touch with their audience and grow their business. With an increase in demand for online shopping, you can ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition and deals with the constant changes that occur. Online payment solutions in Thailand ensure that cross border transactions will be completed within three working days. This will make a significant difference especially if you have several cross-border transactions every month. Consumer Preferences and Business Opportunities The trend among the majority of shoppers is to conduct online transactions as an alternative to cash payments. Online payment solutions in Thailand include mobile banking, e-wallets, use of debit and credit cards, and internet banking. E-payments only require a link with your bank details, and in some cases, registered users can even use their mobile numbers to transfer funds. A one-stop payment solutions provider will offer users short-term credit along with interest-free financing and cash back rewards. Their goal will be to enable every business, small or big, to reach its full potential and secure the loyalty of customer with top-notch payment solutions. The Thai Government has succeeded in its effort to boost e-commerce and online payments. Has your business taken advantage of online payment solutions? If not, it is not too late to start. Contact a reputed provider of payment solutions, and they will be happy to help in any way possible. Take a step forward before your competition does!
Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with its e-commerce rapidly growing through the use of digital payment methods. Indonesia's mobile commerce alone has a projected value of $31.5B by 2021. This is due to the rapid increase in mobile phone users. Companies that offer payment solutions help merchants accept mobile payments and online bank transfers through the use of Indonesia online payment gateway. Besides online bank transfers, they also have virtual account solutions, which are also popular in the Indonesian market. These companies can help you set-up your merchant account and be part of this growth. Take a look at why e-commerce in Indonesia is growing exponentially over the years! Supportive Government Regulations The Indonesian government has been quite supportive of online payments and business. The new regulations and policies put in place ensure that e-commerce becomes a part of social behavior. With an Indonesia online payment gateway, consumers can easily choose their most preferred online payment option. This facility is available to anyone, and safe and secure measures are employed to ensure better customer protection. With reputed payment gateway providers, you can accept online transactions or mobile payments anywhere and anytime. They enable real-time processing of all card transactions without compromising on security. Mobile Access and Greater Opportunities With smartphones, e-money is possible anywhere and anytime. All it requires is for the customer to download an app or connect their account to their mobile, and they can pay or shop for products and services. The concept of an e-wallet has given rise to greater accessibility, wider opportunities, and increased dependence on reliable online payment platforms. Businesses can tie-up withleading service providers to offer discount and benefit to customers. In this way, many other sectors, such as public services, cinemas, or even restaurants, can now offer their products and services through Indonesia online payment gateways. The Middle Class and E-Commerce System The rise of the middle class in Indonesia has resulted in a population that has a higher purchasing power. Young, ambitious, and desirous of an affluent lifestyle, this group of people work hard and spend liberally. You will find a wide range of payment solutions that are designed to provide a seamless and efficient payment package for them. Top providers of payment solutions have a framework and strategy that taps into this resource to provide only the best services. Their goal will be to be part of the cashless future, and therefore, they will lend both online and offline support. Their e-commerce platform will allow customers to make purchases simply by scanning the QR code, using direct debits or bank transfers. Indonesia quickly realizes the power of e-commerce. With Indonesia online payment gateways, businesses can help enhance the economy of the country and take it forward. If you are trying to grow your business, then your next step should be to explore online payments. Get in touch with the right service provided to get started in the right direction right away. 
Technological developments in information technology and telecommunications have set an electronic revolution in the Malaysian banking sector. The leading e-commerce payment method in Malaysia is bank transfer, which is about 46% of all e-commerce payments. As they continue to embrace the norm of the society to use cashless payments, providers of innovative online payment solutions in Malaysia have paved the way for a seamless and secure online banking experience. They will significantly contribute to the growing digital economy of Malaysia in the next years to come. The country of Malaysia has been growing from strength to strength in its endeavor to boost e-commerce and digitization of payments and business. Innovations, active participation, and fresh ideas from the younger generation are driving this growth. This has resulted in better internet facilities and a wider scope of trade relations with its neighboring countries.  Increase in the Use of Electronic Payment Numerous initiatives have led to the rise of online payment solutions in Malaysia, as well as mobile and electronic banking transactions. With a focus on security and multiple currency support, it is important that customers experience flexibility and convenience. Leading service providers are aware that the reach of e-commerce in Malaysia has penetrated into banks with online cash transfer facilities and real-time payments. Through their services, you can offer more options for your customers to encourage more purchasing and increased revenue.   Internet-Savvy Customers Malaysia boasts of a large population of the younger generation that is well versed with the internet. Businesses can tap into the comfort level by using our leading payment gateways. Artificial intelligence and digital marketing can be used to drive consumer sales. A secure Omni channel payment solution enables innovation, flexibility, and new business opportunities. The use of smartphones has furthered the penetration of online shopping, payments, and transactions. Businesses can now create marketing content to increase mobile traffic, especially on the weekends. Social Media Platforms Like most countries, Malaysia, too, is experiencing a surge in social media platform usage. This has resulted in social commerce, where individuals or businesses buy and sell products online. Payment solutions in Malaysia can help promote and provide merchants with information, tailor-made e-payment solutions, and competitive technology to stay ahead in the competition. In other words, conversations are leading to conversions. Companies are now integrating Artificial Intelligence in the form of chatbots to connect and engage with customers.  Opening of Geographical Boundaries With the digitization drive, cross-border business opportunities are on the rise. Foreign investments towards e-commerce are on the rise every day. Customers are also benefitted from us because their products and services are no longer restricted by geography or logistics. It’s also a great way for businesses to grow and expand their client base and establish loyalty.  Payment solutions in Malaysia are changing the face of business and marketing for the better. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity yet, it is time to get the ball rolling in the right direction. 
The business world has witnessed how payment methods have evolved over the past two decades and has managed to adapt to the digital advancement of the payments industry. Today, merchants of all categories chose online payment solutions to play a big role in their expansion into new markets in Southeast Asia. E-wallets, online banking, QR code, online bank transfers, and virtual accounts are the online payment solutions that are commonly offered to merchants. With the use of online payment solutions in Southeast Asia, merchants are guaranteed to reduce costs and maximize profits. Cut Costs and Invest Smart  With the tremendous potential of e-commerce, there is no need to invest in a physical store, infrastructure, or inventory. With these large investments out of the way, you can concentrate on setting up a strong digital marketing team. Digital advertising is fairly easy to adjust according to budget and is a powerful, cost-effective tool. SEA online payment solutions can be integrated with other payment alternatives from all sectors. While e-commerce does involve some initial costs such as website set up, design, and maintenance, it is possible to reduce overall operational costs, maximize your customer base, and promote merchant transparency.  Personalization and Data Analysis With online selling, you can collect and analyze customer data very easily. By tracking customer interactions and receiving continuous feedback, you will be able to gauge and strategize your business selling model and customer loyalty programs. With so much data at your fingertips, you will be able to accurately promote your products and services to your target audience. The biggest advantage is that you can personalize your information, promotions, and products based on a specific buying habit, preference, location, or purchasing power. With e-bank payment for SEA, you are guaranteed of a reliable and safe seamless system to meet growing demand.  Business Growth and Customer Satisfaction As a business owner, you can choose to use your strong online presence to direct customers to your physical store. SEO and other digital marketing strategies can help you understand customers' buying behavior and use it to your advantage. With online business, your budget can be adjusted to match its size. This way, when your company expands and grows, your budget, marketing, and inventory also grow. Providers that offer a one-stop payment platform are quickly turning customers to e-commerce sites because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Incorporating the best of technology, they offer customized strategic business initiatives to drive more sales. With a Southeast Asia online payment facility, you can now keep your online business open 24 hours a day for your local and global customers.  Southeast Asia's e-banking payment leaders can be trusted to transform your business and take it to greater heights. E-commerce is definitely here to stay, so get on the bandwagon before your competitors capture your market share. Unfortunately, businesses that do not opt for innovative payment solutions may not be able to capitalize on new opportunities. Find reliable providers that offer online payment solutions today.
您是否正在菲律賓尋找線上支付閘道?在開始搜索之前,您需要了解電子商貿交易如何運作,因為這些知識將有助您在眾多支付閘道供應商中作出篩選,並為您的業務作出最佳選擇。 什麼是電子商貿交易? 基本上,電子商貿交易是指資金透過網站上的支付閘道,由顧客一方轉移到商戶的銀行帳戶。根據經濟合作與發展組織(OECD)的定義,電子交易是指在企業、家庭、個人、政府以及其他私人或公共組織之間,透過電腦網絡進行的商品或服務買賣,但是實際支付和交付的程序可以在線上或線下處理。 整個過程可能非常複雜,每筆交易都涉及多個持分者及金融機構。因此,在繼續進行電子商貿交易之前,都需要對所有交易因素作出適當的研究。 當中涉及哪些因素? 電子商貿交易涉及三個主要因素: • 顧客 俗語有云︰「顧客永遠是對的。」,您應該察覺到,顧客會透過電腦或智能電話,使用不同的付款方式,如信用卡、扣帳卡、流動支付等。他們甚至有可能從外地付款。您為支付閘道選擇的電子商貿方案供應商必須能夠滿足顧客的需求和喜好 — 不僅支援各種付款方式,更可以使用多種貨幣支付。 • 商戶 在這種情況下,您擔當著商戶的角色。為了能夠透過您的網站接收款項,您需要與一家商業銀行合作,銀行將代表您接收款項並將其存入您的銀行帳戶。 • 技術採用 這是整個交易中最重要的一部分,您的電子商貿方案供應商所使用的技術將決定您的業務成敗。流暢無縫的交易體驗將吸引顧客再次消費。 當中涉及兩個部分:支付閘道和支付處理方。支付閘道是您的網站上用來連接客戶、網站及銀行網絡的軟件。支付處理方則在網站後端工作,以確保整個交易順利進行。 當您開始在菲律賓尋找線上支付閘道時,務必要了解電子商貿交易的所有細節。我們建議您與當地具知名度的專業電子商貿服務供應商聯繫,讓他們協助您完成整個程序並建立業務。
選擇支付方案服務供應商時,最需要注重的功能是什麼?當您要在中國建立電子商貿業務時,必須為您的網站選擇合適的電子商貿支付閘道。我們列出了一些您必須考慮的重要因素,讓您可以作出明智的選擇,並為客戶提供最優質的服務。 整合方法 要將支付閘道整合至網站中,主要有兩種方法:經託管閘道與非託管(已整合)閘道。輕易的整合方法可以減輕您的負擔,並協助您更快地建立業務。 定價和費用 • 定價︰交易處理涉及多個金融機構或組織,而每個參與交易的持分者都會收取處理費用,每個支付方案供應商都有自己的收費準則。您應該仔細研究並了解涉及的所有收費,以避免隱藏或額外的支出。 • 商家帳戶的選擇︰商家帳戶是您(商戶)與銀行或支付閘道服務供應商之間的協議,以允許他們處理您的交易。服務供應商會否提供商家帳戶?如果您已經擁有一個商家帳戶,請仔細查看您可享有的所有服務。 • 支援的支付方式及貨幣︰優質的支付閘道會支援各種支付方式,例如信用卡、扣帳卡及流動支付等。請確保您的支付閘道支援您的顧客喜愛的所有支付方式。如果您經營國際業務,那麼您的支付閘道就應該支援多種貨幣,這是非常重要的一點。 安全性 • 是否符合法規︰您的顧客期望得到優質的體驗,而為他們提供最安全的付款方式則是您的責任。您的電子商貿支付閘道供應商必須遵循如支付卡產業資料安全標準(PCI-DSS)之類的國際安全標準。 • 密碼及身份驗證︰一套複雜的密碼可防止財產資料被盜。而雙重認證則是您的支付閘道必須具備的另一個重要因素。 • 數據及儲存︰安全的雲端儲存、數據加密,使用最新的操作系統等,這些因素能使您的支付閘道更為安全。請記住,確保顧客個人資料的安全是您的責任。 技術支援 • 支援所有設備及操作系統︰大部分企業在設置支付閘道時往往會忽略這個因素。如果能夠支援所有設備(包括桌上電腦、智能電話及平板電腦等),將對每次交易順利進行作出極大幫助。您的支付閘道還必須支援多種操作系統,例如Windows、IOS、Android等。 • 擴展能力︰隨著業務增長,您的支付閘道服務供應商必須能夠應付日益增長的生意額,所以您需要選擇能夠利用最新人工智能(AI)技術,為您擴展業務的服務供應商。 • 24小時全天候客戶服務︰您的網店能夠實時獲得交易實況,您選擇的服務供應商必須能夠提供24小時的全天候支援,所以請向您的服務供應商查詢,看看他們是否提供實時技術支援。 一個優質的支付方案閘道能夠提升顧客的信心、建立互信的橋樑,並避免您因為欺詐行為而蒙受損失,因此最好選擇具良好記錄,以及有一定經驗的支付服務供應商合作。
眾所周知,以流動應用程式付款既簡單快捷,又高效率。只需數次點擊,就可以透過智能電話完成付款,商戶和顧客同時受益。 流動支付的便捷 流動應用程式支付之所以愈趨流行,是因為其便利性。如果用戶希望進行流動應用程式支付,他們只需要擁有一部運作正常的智能電話。流動支付令顧客可以即時於您的網店瀏覽商品;如果他們於實體店購物,在無需攜帶錢包情況下,亦能快速結帳。長遠來說,若商戶支援常用的流動應用支付程式,將有助顯著提升銷售額。 增強交易安全性 除了方便之外,使用流動應用程式付款也非常安全。您可以隨時隨地接收款項,從而促進業務增長。其中具有動態加密和多層安全保障,以確保機密資料及交易過程的安全。生物認證、多重驗證和個人身份識別碼(PIN)也可為交易提供額外保障。此外,基於支付方式需符合支付卡產業(PCI)的安全標準,您也可確保其安全性與時並進,符合顧客的期望。透過雲端技術,儲存顧客的數據,也是保護顧客安全利益的另一措施。 積分獎勵 新冠肺炎疫情促使了90%或以上的商戶接受電子支付,當中包括手機應用程式、二維碼、信用卡或扣帳卡。其中,二維碼和流動支付廣受歡迎,被大小企業廣泛使用。在手機應用程式中推出積分獎勵及會員計畫可提高品牌忠誠度及使用率。流動支付亦有助減少商戶營運開支,因為您不需要設置實體設備,即可接受付款。 越南電子商貿市場的發展 越南大約有9,560萬人口,平均年齡為30.9歲。由於人口較為年輕,越南的電子商貿市場正在迅速增長,這也是越南的線上支付供應商百花齊放的原因之一。當地的互聯網普及率已達到近50%,而智能電話的使用率也大致相同。越南的經濟表現一直相當穩定,電子商貿市況有望於今年大幅度回升。 消除顧客疑慮 越南的商戶較為謹慎,線上支付供應商必須贏得他們的信任,例如要確保支付流程順暢、快速及安全。而當地的消費者也非常重視商品價格,願意事前在其他網站格價。因此,您的網站亦需要具備格價功能,同時確保交易過程的安全性。 政府支援 越南政府正積極推動無現金支付,除了採取更嚴謹的電子商貿法規,政府亦同時實行了干預措施,以減少交易過程中可能出現的欺詐行為及假冒商品。這對於有意在越南發展的線上支付供應商來說,無疑是一種鼓勵。當地一些規模較大的供應商還提供虛擬帳戶方案,並支援來自10多家當地銀行的付款。同時,他們亦提供電子錢包、二維碼支付和線上自動櫃員機方案。在獲得批准後,他們更支援場外交易。
建立一個電子商貿網站,尤其當中牽涉到技術框架,沒有專業人士的指導,這可能會是一個相當繁瑣的過程。電子商貿網站其中一個最重要的結構,是支付閘道中使用的技術,亦稱為「電子支付技術」。這項技術是整個支付系統的基礎,並協助處理網站上所有透過支付閘道進行的交易。 什麼是電子支付系統? 電子支付系統可以幫助您以電子方式付款及收款,它也被稱為「電子/數碼或線上支付系統」。在此系統中,買賣雙方之間無需直接互動,電子支付系統充當著連接顧客和商戶之間的閘口,並由支付閘道供應商處理交易。 電子支付中使用的技術 電子商貿交易中使用的技術包括用於通信、處理客戶與財務數據,以及數據儲存等技術。過程中包含「前端」及「後端」處理操作。前者是指在用戶端進行的活動,當中最常用的技術包括是智能卡、應答器或標籤、以及智能電話。後端活動包括支付處理、帳戶維護、客戶服務及報告 — 這些活動均由支付閘道供應商處理。 電子支付流程 電子商貿交易涉及兩個因素:支付閘道和支付處理方。支付閘道是您網站上連接客戶,網站和銀行網絡的軟件。同時,支付處理方在後台工作,以確保整個交易順利進行。 付款處理方 支付處理方是所有電子商貿交易中最關鍵的部分,也是所有繁複工序發生的地方。過程非常複雜,因為涉及多個金融組織,而每個金融組織都收取不同的服務費,因此商戶記緊要研究有關收費。 付款處理分為兩個步驟: 第1步 — 授權或批准交易: 當顧客訪問您的網站,並用信用卡/扣帳卡購買產品時,從支付卡中獲取的資料,會通過支付閘道加密並發送至處理方。然後,處理方會要求發卡銀行檢查顧客帳戶是否有足夠的餘額進行支付。得到銀行回應後,處理方會將信息發送給顧客,並對銀行發出指示,將金額轉入商戶的帳戶。此過程迅速進行,只需幾秒鐘。 第2步 — 資金結算 在這個過程中,顧客的發卡銀行會將資金結算到您的商用銀行,後者又將這筆款項轉入您的帳戶之中。過程可能需要幾天的時間,您才可以使用這筆款項。 隨著互聯網日益普及,世界各地愈來愈多人開始網上購物和轉帳。找出目標群眾的需求,並提供最方便、最切合他們所需的電子支付系統,永遠都是上策。您的支付閘道服務供應商必須採用強大的電子支付技術,並且能夠阻止欺詐活動,一個完整有力的支付系統,能夠為您的網站大大增強其功能性以及用戶體驗。 如果您正在尋求支付處理方案,請與具信譽,能夠提供個人化方案,以滿足特定業務需求的公司聯繫。
隨著電子商貿進入鼎盛時期,設立支付閘道已不再是一個挑戰。消費者不但能夠透過信用卡和扣帳卡,還能以網上銀行、統一支付介面(UPI)及其他付款方式進行線上交易。現今有很多電子商貿方案能夠簡化消費者的付款過程。以下將一一講解,為業務選擇合適的平台時,您需要注意的事項。 什麼是支付閘道? 支付閘道是一種軟件,擔當著網店和顧客選擇付款方式(例如信用卡、銀行帳戶或任何線上錢包)之間的橋樑角色,是商戶進行線上收款的最簡單方式。在菲律賓或其他國家使用線上支付閘道,讓企業可以更輕鬆地接受不同類型的電子支付。這種一站式方案,讓商戶無需為設置任何軟件或硬件,或為網絡連接和安全性而費心。 支付閘道有多少種類? 在菲律賓及其他國家,線上支付閘道主要分為三大種類。 重新導向 重新導向是指閘道將顧客引領到付款頁面,以完成整個交易(包括處理及支付)。這種支付閘道為商戶簡化支付流程,對小型企業尤其理想。 站內結帳,站外付款 在這種支付閘道中,前端結帳的動作會在您的網站上完成,而處理付款的過程則在系統後端進行。 然而,您將無法控制顧客的消費體驗。 站內支付 較大型的企業通常會使用站內支付,讓其服務器全權處理付款過程。整個過程(包括結帳和處理付款)都可以在您的自家系統中完成。 如何選擇安全的支付閘道? 在菲律賓的商戶選擇線上支付閘道時,需要問自己幾個問題。 您的顧客採用什麼支付方式? 了解您的客戶偏好的付款方式非常重要,因為一旦選擇了適合的支付方式,將有助減少安全風險和其他問題。 您的支付閘道需要收費嗎? 有時除了月費、保安費用等固定收費外,商戶還可能需要支付其他費用。在選擇支付服務供應商之前,請確保您已清楚了解所有收費。 加密技術是否足夠安全? 隨著電子商貿方案供應商數量的增加,欺詐行為也可能愈趨嚴重。由於這些閘道需要處理大量金錢,因此一個符合支付卡產業(PCI)標準的支付閘道非常重要。它有助於保護顧客個人和付款資料。使用安全的支付閘道還可以令您對加密過程更安心。 該支付閘道是否可靠? 在菲律賓選擇線上支付閘道時,請確保選擇信譽良好的支付閘道。儘管市場上有許多大型品牌,但品牌信譽更為重要。記緊要關注支付閘道的安全性,以鼓勵顧客繼續在您的網店上購物。 在選擇支付閘道前,請先進行資料搜集。您會發現市場上有五花百門的電子商貿服務供應商,為您提供不同的方案。您需要根據業務需求,選擇一種能為業務增益的方案;請務必檢查該支付閘道是否符合支付卡產業(PCI)標準,以確保其安全性;也要注意每次交易的手續費,因為它將影響您的業務成本。以上事項都是您在選擇支付閘道時需要優先考慮的。