China enters a new phase of mobile internet

The mobile internet has emerged as one of the key items in the information technology sector having the fastest development across the globe. As China has overtaken Japan to become the world’s second largest economic entity, the rapid increase in mobile phone internet users in China has not only witnessed the coming of a new era in mobile internet but also brought profound business opportunities to different business sectors.

According to China Internet Network Information Center, internet users surfing the internet through mobile phones amounted to 388 million, compared with 380 million users choosing personal computer to access the internet by end of June 2012. Hence, mobile phones have become major devices for Chinese users to access the internet. Besides, statistics from Kleiner Perkins Caufied & Byers, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, showed that China ranked third in the world in the number of subscribers to third generation (3G) mobile technology, making China a pivotal market for online business merchants and mobile advertising service providers.

The professional market research company – iResearch released that mobile advertising sales in China recorded USD379 million in 2011, doubling the amount in 2010. It also cited Robin Li, co-founder of China’s biggest search engine, Baidu Inc., saying that 25 percent of research and development in Baidu had been spent on mobile technology and predicting there being lots of room for improvement in mobile advertising. Besides, the rapid increase in mobile internet users in China has become a major driving force for attracting relevant investment. At the end of June 2012, investment in China’s mobile internet industry totalled USD378 million, up 18 percent from the same period of 2011. In view of the continued growth of mobile internet population in China, it is time for enterprises to deploy resources to catch up with the trend and use mobile internet in their businesses.




根據中國互聯網信息中心的數據,截至2012年6月,在中國境內利用流動電話瀏覽互聯網的用戶人數已經上升至3.88億,相比之下,利用個人電腦瀏覽互聯網的人數則有3.8億,由此可見流動電話現已成為國內用戶連接互聯網的主要裝置。另一方面,位於美國矽谷的風險投資公司Kleiner Perkins Caufied & Byers最近公佈的統計數據顯示,在中國採用第三代流動通訊服務的總用戶人數,已經排名世界的第三位,使中國成為各經營網上行銷業務的商戶和流動廣告服務供應商拓展業務的重要市場。


Let integrated solutions sharpen up digital marketing

The emergence of social networking sites spearheaded by Facebook and followed by Twitter and Weibo alike have strengthened the utilization of digital marketing tools. Online merchants can make use of the interactive mode of these social media platforms to launch dynamic digital marketing campaigns to capture target audiences. With Facebook users exceeding 1 billion, Facebook has become a potent and effective channel for enterprises to widely disseminate brand messages in the web community.

Nowadays, many enterprises utilize Facebook page and the sales models adhered to the Facebook platform to publicize their brand identity. Enterprises can cultivate an engaged Facebook following to increase the influence and visibility of their brands when people click the “like” button to disseminate messages to as many fans as possible. Therefore, Facebook enables merchants to nurture the effect of viral marketing to promote goods and services within a short period of time to foster brand awareness and build up direct relations with customers in the long run.

In view of the salience of erecting digital marketing strategy, enterprises have to review their internal IT resources thoroughly in order to position the entire flow of their e-commerce businesses. Moreover, different marketing strategies call for customized IT systems to ensure the consistent action of business units. Enterprises need to adopt tailored software development solutions and tools to support different business initiatives. While handling vast amount of data in daily operations is time consuming, enterprises can harness Business Intelligence (BI) systems to systematically categorize historical, current and predictive data of business growth into designate analytical formats to facilitate expeditious decision making. For more information about our software development and BI services, please contact us at email: