An exciting prospect in China online shopping business

Recent figures from China Internet Network Information Center best illustrated the huge market potential of online shopping business in China. At the end of June 2012, China had 538 million internet users with internet penetration rate reaching 39.9% and online shoppers totalling 210 million, up 8.2% over the end of 2011, accounting for 39% of all Internet users.

Witnessing a notable growth of online shoppers in China, there were statistical figures to reflect the thriving development of China’s online shopping business. According to Barclays Capital, the investment banking unit of Barclays Bank PLC, China’s online retail sales amounted to RMB753.2 billion in 2011, up 66% from 2010 and would reach RMB2614.6 billion by 2015, 20% more than the online retail sales of the U.S. in that year.

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group acquired a tremendous RMB19.1 billion of online sales revenue during the 24-hour period of the 11.11 Shopping Festival (Singles’ Day) on 11th November 2012 with its business-to-consumer (B2C) site achieving online sales revenue at RMB13.2 billion and its consumer-to-consumer (C2C) site acquiring online sales revenus at RMB 5.9 billion. TMall, dedicated to allow official and branded stores to sell authentic products on its online platform, has become a high priority for merchants aspiring to open online stores and sell quality brand-name goods to high-end Chinese consumers.

As a rigid verification process is required for opening an online shop in TMall, we offer consultancy services to help merchants get the most out of TMall. Please contact us at email: for successful showcases we have done for clients.






Reinforce your business with viral marketing

Viral marketing refers to the concept of making each customer a marketer by encouraging word-of-mouth referrals offering companies a cost effective and powerful tool to promote products and services. A successful viral marketing strategy depends on swift transmission of a message whereas the whole phenomenon of viral marketing is formed when a large number of people convey a piece of information to a large number of recipients who repeat the same cycle.

Nowadays, viral marketing is a strategy to motivate individuals to share certain information or message with others on the internet. Such sharing carries more weight than an advertisement as it comes from trusted sources including friends and colleagues. Adhering to a few key steps can add value to viral marketing programs. Primarily, companies should tactfully utilize two important tools, the buttons and links, to attract visitors to share certain designated message with others via a single click. The design and placement of buttons and links should be obvious, easy-to-use, and even rewarding to use so as to encourage visitors to pass the message to others. Buttons can be graphical and should be eye-catching while the links should carry at least a part of the message such as to increase the click rate and nurture the effect of viral marketing.

In the new era of social media communication, popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have provided effective viral marketing channels for companies to stage viral marketing programs on these inexpensive yet effective platforms to disseminate brand messages and expand customer base. The “Share” function of Facebook is a typical example to show how viral marketing can make any messages spread like wildfire. To save time and launch your viral marketing program effectively at reasonable cost, please send an email to our professional team at for details.